Welcome to 2017. Now that you are over the indulgence of the holidays, are you feeling all fired up and ready for the year ahead? Are you feeling uplifted by the vibrant energy of excitement and hope, are you still singing the mantra of “this is going to be my year?…” If you are still clueless then read on to discover how to do your own oracle card reading for guidance for the year.

I spent New Year in Barcelona, I was working so it wasn’t all going crazy and letting my hair down too much, but it was wonderful to experience blue sky, warm sunshine and a change of scene.

Look who came with me in my suitcase – my new favourite unicorn flufunicorn suitcasefy friend.

At this time of year I sit down and  light candles, smudge my sacred space, summon all my guides and spirit helpers and gather all my favourite card decks to give myself an oracle card reading for guidance for the year ahead.

I use this tool like a compass to guide me through the year. OK it doesn’t spell out what events are going to happen but it gives me an idea of the energy that I will be working with, challenged by or power that I may need to call on to fully embrace and move through the year with radiance and strength.

If you are new to this idea then take a look at the check list below to get started. You can buy oracle decks online or at most book shops or lovely places that sell crystals and the like. In fact, you can get an oracle deck for almost every single type of guidance imaginable. My favourite decks work with fairies, animals and nature. Feel your way and take your pick. You won’t make the wrong choice.

How to do your own Oracle card reading for guidance for the year

  1. Get settled somewhere peaceful where you will not be disturbed. Set the scene by lighting candles, incense, however you feel comfortable creating sacred space for you to feel safe, protected and held by the divine.
  2. Take your selected oracle deck and cleanse the deck energetically. I do this by smudging the deck with sage with the intention that any old energy attached to the deck is taken to the light. This creates a blank slate for you to begin your work. If you are using your deck for the first time it is likely to come with guidance about what to do to prepare the deck.
  3. With the cards held in your hands take 5 deep breaths to centre yourself and focus your attention on your heart space. Allow yourself to relax with each breath that you exhale, falling deeper into a relaxed state, free of other concerns and stepping out of your ordinary reality.
  4. If you like to work with spirit helpers, guides or angels, then summon them into your space now, asking that they protect you by shining their light into your space and asking that they send guidance for you.
  5. Shuffle the cards holding in your heart the intention to pick 12 cards that will represent your year ahead. (one card for each moon cycle or month if you prefer to do it by calendar month).
  6. When you feel ready spread the cards out in a fan in front of you, face down and pick 12 cards slowly, again focusing clearly on the intention to receive guidance for each moon cycle of the year ahead.
  7. When you have finished turn each card over so you can see what it reveals and spend a few moments taking in the look and feel of the cards. What does your year feel like? Which months look and feel like they might be more fun or more challenging? What makes you think that?oracle card guidanceSometimes you can tell this by the colour or detail of the image, or you just might feel a certain way when you look at the images.
  8. When you are ready, consult the book that accompanies your card deck and make detailed notes of the information. I usually draw a diagram because it is easier for me to remember the information in this way – see pic below.oracle card reading
  9. There is a huge amount of info to take in when you do a reading on this scale – so if you feel overwhelmed then stick to the first 3 months for example. Look for patterns and themes. Remember that everything runs in cycles so your year might see a cycle end and a new one begin or it might be full on at the peak of a certain cycle.
  10. If this yearly outlook seems too generic, try one with a more specific focus like career or relationship or for a specific project that you wish to start.
  11. Remember that we are the makers of our lives, we are the weavers who create the beauty and dance the dance. So if you don’t feel excited by your reading or if you feel a certain unease when you look at a particular card and the message it has for you, know that this is the area and the message that you need to hear most and pay attention to. Sit with the card that makes you feel uneasy or vulnerable, feel into its message for strength and power for this is where you will find your magic.
  12. Don’t just forget about it! Each moon cycle – get the reading out and check in with how the year is going. Read up on the specific message and guidance for the month that you are in and don’t forget to call on the angel/fairy/animal/goddess/spirit/energy on the card that has jumped forward to work with you.
  13. And… remember to use your oracle deck for guidance to help you make decisions throughout the year.




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