How would you love to feel supported by the greatest force of all?

Feel like you were held by something so much larger than you, that had a sense of the “Master Plan”, that helped you to feel nurtured and loved, like a child that is part of an enormous family?

Read on to discover 3 simple steps to show you how to feel supported by the greatest force of all. Which is Nature of course!

The cycles of the seasons and all of nature that grows around us, from the very tame manicured lawns and well kept window boxes, to the creatures that create the wilderness of the remote highlands, are a powerful force. You can choose to ignore it and take it for granted or you can choose to be alive with it and walk your path beside it, hand in hand.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I choose to work with this force, which I believe is the greatest force of all, to support me in everything that I do. This gives me a feeling of strength, a knowing that I am not alone and a sense of being part of a much greater whole. Here are 3 ways that you can feel supported by the greatest force of all and feel this way too.

1)  Be  grateful

Easy. Yet how often do you really honour and show your gratitude to the natural world. Do you ever thank the sun for rising each morning for example? There are so many ways to show your gratitude to nature, and the more you do so, the more creative you will become. A simple way is to take a walk outside and everything you see around you just whisper a thank you or smile from your heart, feeling grateful. You can draw heart shapes in the mud and the sand, or arrange pebbles to form the words “thank you”. Simple gestures are all it takes and little by little your heart will open. As it does so, the vibration of gratitude will be felt by the natural world around you and you will feel and notice signs that you are heard and your gratitude will be reciprocated.

force of nature heart love

2) Show  your  respect

It goes hand in hand with being grateful really, but remember to show your respect to nature. Consider your actions. Do you recycle? Do you consciously make an effort to by locally sourced food or food that you know has not been sprayed with chemicals or wrapped in unnecessary layers of plastic? Do you still use toxic chemicals in your home to clean? Do you drive when you could walk or cycle? These actions may seem small and boring, but they do count. And, if you wish to feel connected to the Earth and supported by all of nature’s beings then you do have a responsibility to treat her kindly like a trusted friend, rather than a resource to be used and abused at your whim.

muscari spring flower power

3) Honour  the  seasons

Honouring the seasons has always bought me closer to nature and the subtle flows of energy at the different times of the year. Consider how you feel at different times of the year and how the seasons affect your mood and energy levels. Do you have a favourite season? What are the reasons for this? What can you do to honour the passing seasons and the arrival of the next? How can you show your appreciation for nature’s constant flow? Find a place in nature that is special to you  (yes it can be your back garden!) simply breathe in that space and feel the strength of the season with all of your being. To honour the seasons you can perform elaborate or simple ceremonies with fires, feasting and friends but it starts with simply noticing. Awaken your awareness first to the seasons that are going on around you and the seasons and cycles that are playing out in your life.  What areas of your life are experiencing spring (ready to burst with new growth?), what areas are in full throttle (summer), which areas are moving into autumn (reaping the harvests) and which areas, projects or relationships are transitioning into winter (winding down and resting) As you open your awareness you will begin to find a rhythm within your own life and be held with the ebb and flow of nature’s seasons. Find comfort in the fact that nature really does have a time for everything, so next time you feel frustrated that your projects, hopes and dreams are taking a while to materialize, tune into the cycle of the seasons to feel for the flow.

Try the above and let me know how you get on!

If you wish to explore your relationship with nature further, then join Fay for a workshop this year go here for events. Or contact Fay here to arrange a 15 minute discovery session to discuss how you can work one to one together to be guided in your journey.

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