How to Use Spring Energy to bring your projects, ideas and dreams to life

It’s easy to recognise the very visual signs of spring around us that appear in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year. In nature, what is emerging with the spring is green and bright and promising. A cheery site after the barren bleakness of winter. Nature is doing what it does best, radiating light and love out into the world, transforming light from the sun into physical matter for us to enjoy.

As part of nature, we too have cycles that flow as the wheel of our lives turns. Spring is a powerful time to consider what is dormant and is ready to awaken within you so you can go full speed ahead and develop your chosen projects, plans and new ideas.

Ever had a bad day and thought – “how did it all come to this?”

Unlike the bright daffodils and green buds of spring, often, our hearts desires and goals lie dormant and unseen because they can get buried under all this “urgent” stuff that we feel is more important. If we rush through life without pausing to reflect on where we are going and what seeds we are sowing, then we often discover (too late) that our attention and energy has been given over to projects and ideas that weren’t really that important to us. So you can end up in relationships that don’t light you up, careers that don’t use your true gifts, a lifestyle and social scene that doesn’t really fulfil your deepest desires and needs.

You’ve heard it before: “Where your attention goes, energy flows”

What you focus your energy on will manifest so make sure you are focused on the things you desire. Take some time out at this special time of year when seeds for new growth are being planted in the natural world and consider what areas of your life you wish to grow for the next few months from now until May 1.

Using the force of nature to assist you, you can set powerful intentions to by sowing the seeds of your projects and visions now.

Take your inspiration from the bright yellow daffodils, they are focused on one thing right now – blossoming.

Take your inspiration from the might Oak tree, it is focused on one thing right now – coming into leaf.

Take your inspiration from the wildlife around you, it is focused on one thing right now – finding a mate and making babies.

The focus of the natural world is not all over the place like I know I can be, and I bet you can be too, it doesn’t jump ahead and expect to create chicks before it has laid eggs or bright blossoms before it has grown flower buds.

Using the inspiration of the natural world, can you find your natural flow?

Take one idea or project that you would like to bring to fruition over the next few months and work your way backwards from the end goal. Which steps needs to happen to create the next? What actions can you take today to create the growth needed for the next phase?

What conditions does your project need in order to grow? How can you help create and maintain those conditions? What might need to shift?

If this is something that you feel like trying, access the worksheet and audio below for further instructions on how to set your intentions for the cycle and watch your seeds grow!



Spring to life now

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