When I have something on my mind, a decision to make or simply a problem that needs solving and I am feeling stuck,one of my favourite ways of dealing with this is to take myself for a walk and hand over the issue to nature.

Science shows us that being in nature makes us feel better and fires up many different areas of the brain – but we don’t really need science to prove that to us, we can experience it for ourselves. Connecting with nature consciousness and the spirit of all things when you have a question to solve is really simple and will help you to shift your perspective and feel differently. You will also find it wonderfully insightful and may receive creative input and inspiration.

Next time there is something that is on your mind, perhaps a decision that you need to make or simply a solution that you need to find for a problem, take yourself on a walk out in nature, surround yourself with trees, fields, a great river, flowers or park land, for a minimum of 20 minutes. Go alone or with your dog, but never with anyone else and always switch off your phone so you don’t get any interruptions. Asking nature for an answer is simple, here’s how:

  • Hold your question or issue in your heart and set an intention to be shown the solution from the world around you in a way that will be clear to you.
  • While you walk keep your attention on your heart space and open your eyes, ears and all your other senses both physical and invisible to the nature around you.
  • Notice how the air feels when it touches your skin, is there any warmth from the sun? What about breeze from the wind?
  • What noises can you hear? What is calling your attention and speaking most to you?
  • What about the scents of your environment, is anything drawing you in or pushing you away?
  • How is your energy level, do you feel invigorated? or like you need a rest?
  • Be open to finding the solution to your challenge or most certainly a new perspective while you walk. Notice the shifts that you experience in your body and your emotions.
  • After you walk check in with yourself and see how you feel now. Has anything shifted, if so, in what way? How does your problem look now?

I’d love to know whether or not this practice resonates with you and what insight you have discovered. Send me a message in the comments below and share this with all those plant friendly folk who feel the same as we do!

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