October began very unproductively for me and as anyone who has experienced the slap in the face of a house-sale falling through at the last minute, will understand, I am in that kind of funk – busy sending prayers out to the universe, rituals as well as all sorts of other practical stuff, to get the house sale process moving again.

I am most definitely feeling like a big bear who needs to growl! but am almost surrendering to the flow of things… ALMOST!

As a result, my zest for business (not that I really have one) has ground to a halt. I am hoping that now that we are in the next moon cycle (October 19 – Nov 17) my enthusiasm for work and ability to get things done will improve – as will the prospects for my property!

I have however been enjoying colourful and blustery dog walks with my wonderfully autumnal coloured chocolate orange dog but am all too aware that thanks to hurricane Orphelia, soon all those beautiful autumn colours will be stripped from the trees and the landscape will be filled with bare skeletons of majestic trees. Still, I’m feeling really thankful that thanks to the rather water-logged state of my area, we won’t be suffering from wild fires like certain areas of the world.

Here’s a meditation for you to help you relax and contemplate the trees at this time of year. Relax, tune in, let go and enjoy!

And share it with friends who are feeling a little stressed out right now too x

I’d love to know what you think – leave me a comment and let me know.

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Happy rest of October!

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