So new year- same old you? Or something different?

What choices are you going to make this year to navigate the new path of 2018 that lies before you? Will you be the Warrior, Witch or Fool this 2018? or something else entirely?

As the hero of your own story, what path are you choosing for yourself this year? Are you to be the Fool, the Enchantress/ Witch or the Warrior? Read on and see which character you choose to play in your journey this year, maybe you will start the year as the Fool and end as the Enchantress. Maybe you begin as Warrior and end up the Fool…

Fool Jan 2018

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Let’s start with the Fool, the merry wanderer through life.

The fool who entertains, provides distraction and also has a knack for solving riddles. The fool has a way with words, can say one thing and then change his mind swiftly to do something else. When faced with a challenge, the Fool will happily talk his way out of the situation and perhaps throw in a cartwheel. A people person, a slippery fish, with a lot of answers and cunning ability to sail through life as a big adventure. Is this you this year? Can you play the fool when you need to? What areas in your life is the character of Fool useful for you this year?

Perhaps you fancy yourself as an Enchantress or Witch in your story of 2018.

The witch with her (or his) magical powers, has the ability to conjure up spells and cast charms and stun people with her glamour. The witch always seems to have a spell up her sleeve, a herbal potion or poison to bewitch fellow travelers or cure dis-ease. The witch knows the old ways, the language of the land and cures carried by the plants. The witch carries a talisman about her to bring luck and help her shape shift into other forms. A magical being, part fairy perhaps, does she enchant you enough? Where can the Witch help you this 2018? What part of your story and its characters needs bewitching or enchanting?

Or you could choose the path of the Warrior for this year of 2018.

The Warrior, always equipped for battle, ready to leap up to defend a worthy cause. With a weapon (or two) to yield and a sword to protect her/him, the warrior courageously takes action. There is no faff, discussion (the fool), diversion (enchantress), there is straightforward action, making those decisions and getting down to it. Is the Warrior within you ready to charge through your journey? Where is the Warrior ready to take action with words and weapon?

Remember, you are the hero of your story.

You create your story. You make the rules. You can change from Warrior to Witch, from Fool to Enchantress. All have their qualities which are needed in different ways at different times. Or maybe you  are playing someone entirely different. Whatever you do, play to you strengths this year!

Need some extra help?

If you are still adrift, unsure of the direction for your 2018, I’ve created three meditations to help you envision your year ahead, receive healing, courage and clarity to create your story for 2018. Access the meditations here.

I’m also offering one to one treatments on sale to help you receive the healing that you require to make the shifts to align yourself with your authentic path this year, to help you make 2018 a magical year. Check out the January one-to-one sale here.

Like to use Oracle cards?

If you like to use oracle cards to help you plan your year, then check out last year’s post on how to do a reading for the year here.

Have fun and enjoy your quest for 2018.

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