May’s been great (and now this!)

I sold my flat. (phew)

I bought a camper van. (hurrah! I own a hippy mobile)

I put all my things into storage. (tricky and exhausting)

I visited Rosslyn Chapel with 3 beautiful sisters. (heart warming)

I discovered 2 new beautiful garden spaces to run local workshops. (more to follow on that!)

I completed a 3 year process of training in Creative Shamanism. (Yes, that was pretty epic!) catch up here with what I wrote about this earlier in the year.

I ran my first retreat for 7 shining women. (Amazing..running it again next year…)

It’s been sunny in Scotland (unheard of!)

and now…?

sunset and now this with Fay

It’s like I’ve taken off a heavy cloak of burdens and created space for something new to arise so I’m stepping aside and allowing that to flow, whatever format that will take I’m not entirely sure.

But what is for sure is that I know I am part of something so much bigger than me. It’s like a paradox in that the detail is not that important, but then again it is extremely important because every little action, word, thought or feeling has a reaction that vibrates out across the world because we are all connected.

I am feeling this sense of connection more than ever.

I was basking in the glow of the incredible Earth Heart Retreat last weekend which was supported by such amazing nature beings from the land at Cherry Tree Lodge and the beautiful souls of the women who participated. I started to tune in to what else needed to flow and from an entirely different direction I connected with an energy force that I have been aware of for the last year or so. The light workers collective connected with me with a beautiful yet insistent message that despite being a little outside of my comfort zone, I cannot ignore. It’s all about creating a temple of light across the world, across our communities. As a result of the communication, I have changed the nature of the up coming workshop June 10 in Peebles to encompass this work and will also offer an energy transmission recording for anyone who wants to be part of this that cannot make it.

Read the message here and feel if it resonates with you and if so join in, in the best way that you can.

Or maybe I’m going mad and need a bit more rest!!!

Thanks for reading this one! XXX



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