Connecting with Plants for Well being Part 1

I’m often asked how to start connecting with plants. It’s not an exact science, it’s a bit like making friends (human ones). You start by noticing whats growing around you, the plants that you come across on your daily routines, the plants that might grow near to where you live or those tired looking office plants that you might be familiar with.

Soon you will begin to notice which ones seem to call out to you, which ones you like the best, or those that you like less for whatever reason. You will definitely find yourself more drawn to certain plants that seem to merit your attention and warrant further investigation.

The first step is opening up to the plants and exploring nature from your heart and not your head!

Allow yourself to slow down and start noticing.

Expand your awareness and begin appreciating the beauty and the wildness that is growing around you.

Watch the video below for more inspiration. And notice how you feel when you are in nature…allow yourself to soak up the frequency of all that is green and growing around you..

Leave a comment below to let me know if you have any questions, share your experiences in the plant spirit people facebook group here

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