Spending time in nature, hanging out with plants, trees and the natural environment that surrounds you, does so much more than provide you with fresh air to relax and admire the beauty.

In fact, nature has a vibrant way of transforming your life in ways that you would not imagine. Read on to discover the life-changing shifts that occur the more time you spend in nature .

Here’s 5 reasons to connect with nature today

5 reasons to connect with nature today that are covered in the video

  1. Nature is Grounding. When you are grounded you are strong and in your power. From this place of power you can make better decisions, think clearer, you can create stronger boundaries and really feel confident that you are aligned with your power.
  2. Nature opens up your intuitive senses, so you can start feeling your way through life and listening to your inner knowing.
  3. Nature helps you to TRUST more in yourself, your intuition, your inner strength, your personal power, and TRUST in others and the flow of life.
  4. Greater sense of personal awareness. Awareness of issues and past pain that need looking at. Awareness of yourself and your role here on Earth. Helps you get perspective on life.
  5. Support. The elements of nature and plants provide support, guidance and medicine to assist you with whatever you are going through. You are always drawn to work with whichever plants or aspects of nature can best support you at the time. They are spiritual and physical allies to connect with in person with touch, taste, smell or in meditation.

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