Many of us are searching for a spirit guide like a power animal, angels, ancestors, ascended masters or other spirit helpers and light workers from the invisible realms. We are looking for support, guidance and love and as luck would have it, everything we need is right here all around us.

We are grateful to nature for many things, such as the beauty of our environment and all of the physicals resources that provide us with shelter, food and nourishment. However, now that in the Western world much of our lives are spent inside rather than in the great outdoors, we’ve lost the subtle connection that our ancestors once enjoyed with the spirit of the natural world. Nature is a powerful teacher and with a more conscious awareness and willingness led by your heart, nature can be a trusted, healing and supportive guide.

This short video discusses:

  • How to reach out to aspects of nature as a spiritual ally and guide
  • How to tune into nature through your heart space
  • How to use your physical senses to reach out, feel your way and open your intuitiion
  • At least 3 ways to bring the raw, wildness of that natural world into your life

Enjoy and please share your adventures with nature as a spiritual ally in the comments below or as part of the Plant Spirit People facebook group.



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