I’ve been getting a few questions about Fairies recently and the excited magical energy of the Fairy folk has been following me around nudging me more and more so finally I give in. Here’s a clip from my recent  Q&A class from the Plants that Speak Online course on How to start connecting with Fairy Folk and Nature Spirits and some more simple pointers below if you prefer to read.

Connecting with the nature beings, the unseen guardians of where you live (fairy folk, elves, gnomes and all the other names that we have for these beings) is essential and unavoidable if you wish to work more in partnership with the plant kingdom and restore your sacred relationship with the Earth. You will find you are probably doing most of this already if you like to work closely with plants and you may have already experienced encounters with the elemental beings of nature.

Pointers on how to start connecting with Fairy Folk and Nature Beings

  1. Spend quiet contemplative time in nature everyday close to where you live or in a magical spot.
  2. Make an offering in nature for the fairies. This can be something like a flower, seeds or food! Think about something beautiful.
  3. Declare your intention to connect with the elementals and and get to know them. You may wish to write a poem or a letter and speak it out loud as you walk in nature.
  4. Ask the nature beings what they need from you.
  5. Whenever you are out in nature or see beauty, be sure to say so and give your thanks. Speak your appreciation of the careful Earth care-taking work done by the Fairy Folk out loud.Connecting with Flower Fairy
  6. Maeve is the Queen of the Fairies, so you may wish to say a prayer to Maeve, firstly thanking her for all the work that she does in the fairy realms and then asking her for help in connecting to the fairies so that you can get to know them better and help look after the natural environment. (maybe there is a specific place that you love in nature?). You can also ask Maeve/the fairy to assign you a task to assist with the natural flow and harmony of the earth
  7. Look at your actions towards the environment. Fairies are earth keepers, they are the caretakers of the earth so if you wish to connect with them the first step is to align your actions (ie.recycling, low-impact living, lifestyle choices) with actions that look after the earth and take care of the fairy’s home. If you see trash – pick it up!
  8. Fairies love beauty, dancing and music so think of ways to incorporate this more into your life and invite the fairy folk in with you.
  9. Get into the habit of saying prayers that call out to the fairy folk when you are in nature. Though you may not be able to see them, if you keep persisting, giving your gratitude for all that they do, calling to them, stating your intentions, over time you will come to feel them and be shown little tokens of their acknowledgement of your actions.

Share your fairy and elemental encounters in the comments below or on the Plant Spirit People Facebook group here.

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