Beltaine is here and it’s time to celebrate life in all its abundance. May is my favourite month of the year. I’ve always celebrated May Day (May 1st) – something to do with being taught May pole dancing each year at my first school and the fact that one year I was voted the May Queen and proudly wore a crown of cherry blossoms and a pretty dress all day.

Whether you celebrate May 1st or not, I hope you are feeling an upbeat shift in the flow of life, a little excitement at the lighter days, blossoming trees and more sun to warm our hearts. Here is a drumming for you from my garden to help you connect with the vibrancy of this time of year – we are celebrating life and all creation.

You may wish to create a mandala or a headdress of flowers, send prayers to the goddess, surround yourself in the beauty and abundance of the season, celebrate with friends and a large fire, or simply take a walk in nature to sense into the marvellous creative force which is pulsating forwards through us at this time of year.

Enjoy and create abundance.

Remember you are a creative being – create something that feels good in your heart!



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