Events with Fay

Reiki Drum Journey – Meditation Events in Edinburgh

Join the circle for deep relaxation, connection and healing as your body, mind and soul absorb the sacred sound of the drum.

Tuesday Dec 12 7pm at Breathworks, Edinburgh

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Reiki Drum in Peebles

Chillax and boost your energy for the weekend ahead.

Join the circle to receive healing from the Reiki Drum and journey with the sacred sound into another realm.

Next Reiki Drum Friday January 19

7 – 9 pm at Space 108 in Peebles

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Learn Reiki level 1 weekend workshop

Transform your life on this weekend retreat by learning Usui Reiki Level 1 and begin treating yourself, friends and family with universal life energy.

Next weekend Workshop March 24 & 25 2018 in Innerleithen

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Learn Reiki level 2 weekend workshop

Take your Reiki journey deeper. Become a Practitioner with Reiki Level 2

Next weekend Workshop April 21 & 22nin Innerleithen

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Plant  Spirit  Healing Workshop ~ Edinburgh

Open your senses to the spirit of plants and explore nature’s whispers. Discover the magic of connecting with plants, realign your soul with the blue print of nature and feel alive.

Next Workshop TBC

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Be The Light – Peebles

It’s time to shine your light, feel the energy of the universe pulsing through you and be the radiant being that you are.

Dates coming soon for 2018

Space 108, Peebles

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Sacred Plant Journeys in Peebles

A mid week relax, sacred healing and energy boost.

Join the circle to receive healing from both the Reiki Drum and powerful plant allies with wisdom teachings especially for you.

NEXT EVENT Spring 2018 TBC

7 – 9 pm at Space 108 in Peebles

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Like  Plants? Love  Reiki?

Boost your Reiki practice with the power of plants. Experience working with plants for your Reiki treatments in a magical and beautiful way.


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Free online course

Discover the Spirit of Plants, re-open pathways of communication between yourself and the natural world, feel connected and feed your wild soul.

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