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Weekend at  Upminster

Plant Spirit Magic Workshop Upminster

Does your heart  yearn  for a deeper connection with nature?

Join this experiential weekend both inside and out in the gardens at the Upminster Healing Sanctuary for a special opportunity to slow down, reconnect with nature and open up to plant consciousness for guidance, healing and inspiration to enrich your path.

Simple exercises will guide you on a journey to restore your sacred relationship with nature, while at the same time aligning with your true nature for a more harmonious connection with yourself, with others and your environment. You will be encouraged to open your heart, follow your intuition and explore with your physical senses. You will also be introduced to the Shamanic practice of plant spirit healing with Shamanic drumming, ceremony and movement to enable a deeper exploration of and interaction with plants. Each participant will also have the opportunity to receive a “limpia” (cleansing), a curandera (Medicine Woman) technique that Fay has learned from plant healers in the Amazon.

  • Learn how to honour and connect with the Earth with ritual, ceremony, meditation and shamanic techniques.
  • Feel alive, invigorated and inspired by the spirit of nature
  • Receive insight and  healing from the spirit of the plants in the garden.
  • Feel connected to your environment and plants that grow around you
  • Feel grounded, confident and more comfortable in yourself.
  • Take home sacred medicine and shamanic techniques to continue to enrich your path.

Plants have long been primary teachers for those who travel deep into the heart of the world, for those who seek the soul teaching that only the wild can bring” ~ Stephen Harrod Buhner.

Plant Spirit Magic Workshop Upminster

The energy of the gardens at the Upminster Healing Sanctuary blew us all away last year. It was a privilege and a healing experience to be among such established trees, herbs and shrubs, flaunting their bright leaves and colourful flowers. It’s a magical place to spend the weekend to absorb the vibrancy of the garden and take that vibration with you into the natural green spaces where you live. There will be so much to attract your physical senses and your extra senses will expand with the powerful energy of British summer time. You will feel full of life as you absorb the energy of the garden. Your response to the sacred wisdom keepers that grow at the Upminster Healing Sanctuary gardens will be unique as you journey closer to your true nature and back to wholeness.

I love nature, I feel healed and so happy in nature. I feel a deep connection with nature, but I don’t fully understand it, this is why I love Fay’s innovative workshops. They are exactly that connection which I’m trying to tap into, in order to have a better understanding of nature spirits.

Anila Ahmad, Glasgow

What to Expect 

Day 1: Today we will be landing in the sacred landscape of the garden and exploring our sacred relationship with plants through our physical senses. We will be using methods like meditation, contemplation, journaling and observation to explore plants in a new way. We will be spending as much of the day as possible outside with the plants that call to us, using the workshop space inside as our sacred container.

Day 2: We journey deeper into the realm of plants with plant spirit shamanism and healing. In our sacred circle we will create ceremony and experience plant limpias (cleansing with plants). We’ll also use the drum to experience a shamanic journey to connect with the spirit of plants to add another dimension to our experience of plant medicine. There may also be an opportunity to make a sacred medicine to take home with you.

The content of this workshop is inspired by Fay’s journey with plant spirits as a former flower farmer, gardener and Shamanic Practitioner. The weekend covers concepts detailed in her new book Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing. Read more about Fay’s plant spirit journey here and check out her new book here.

Date: Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July 2018 (2 day workshop, 10 – 4.30 pm both days)

At: Upminster Complementary Healing & TeachingSanctuary, Find it here

Only got a day to spare?

A few places are available to join this workshop for one day only (Sat or Sun depending on numbers) so get in touch with Fay if this is of interest.(Day cost £60)

Who is the Weekend Workshop for?

For gardeners, herbalists, therapists, plant enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking to connect deeper with the magical and often unseen aspect of the natural world. Anyone who wishes to receive healing for personal transformation and seeking to feel grounded, supported and held by the spirit of nature. All those who are interested in Earth based spirituality or a shamanic path. Thie is the connection your soul is longing for.

Cost: £110
Book your spot through Paypal below with a deposit of £60 or email Fay for an alternative.

Please come if you hear the call of the plant world, the plants are really reaching out to us at this time and it takes special people like you to respond and open your heart to their wisdom.

SPECIAL NOTE: This workshop is also taking place at Dilston Physic Garden in Northumberland July 21 & 22, to book that one go here.

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