Reiki Drum Journey – Sound Meditation

Experience the Reiki Drum and journey into another realm to gain insight into your life, receive guidance and experience deep relaxation.

These group Reiki Drum events combine the nurturing healing energy of Reiki with the sacred sound of the drum for insight, relaxation and transformation. Let the ancient rhythm of the Reiki Drum take you on an inner journey to connect with the deepest and wisest parts of yourself for guidance, reassurance and confidence. In this dream like state you will gain insight and new perspective on old issues and habits which may be blocking you from achieving your true potential. The experience of the Reiki energy entering deeply into your energy field facilitates deep relaxation, renewal and stress relief in a safe, nurturing and sacred healing environment.

For: Everyone seeking deep relaxation and connection. No experience is necessary, bring an open heart and a curious mind.

Next event: Tuesday Feb 6


At: Breath Works, 7A Alva Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PH – find Breath Works here

From: 7pm – 8.30pm

£15 a session

To find out more about a Reiki Drum group session go here.

If you would prefer a private Reiki Drum treatment tailored to your individual goals and health concerns, contact Fay.

Please book your place via paypal below or contact Fay for an alternative.

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