Reiki & the Drum – Shamanic Reiki workshop for Practitioners

Explore how to introduce Shamanic techniques into your Reiki practice with the use of a hand held drum.

This training will cover an introduction to Shamanism and the Shamanic concept of journeying, meeting the spirit of your drum or a drum guide, working with the drum and the Reiki symbols and ways to incorporate drumming with your Reiki practice. We’ll also cover setting up sacred space and the essentials of intention setting.

  • Learn about Shamanism and Shamanic practices and Reiki (Shamanic Reiki!)
  • Practice Shamanic journeying
  • Meet other guides to assist your Reiki treatments
  • Learn how to use the Reiki symbols with the drum
  • Exchange Reiki with fellow participants using the drum

Why work with Reiki and the Drum?

Adding Shamanic techniques to your Reiki practice such as using the Drum helps deepen your connection with the spirit world and your guides and opens the doorway to deeper understanding and guidance which takes your personal journey and healing onto new levels. As your connections with spirit deepen, you are able to bring added benefit, guidance and understanding into your client practice.The beauty of the Drum is that it is an ancient and sacred tool used by our ancestors. We have the beat of the drum in our bones and the first sound we ever hear is the heart beat of our mother in the womb. Experiencing the Reiki Drum is as simple as opening your heart to the rhythmic beat of the drum and breathing with the drum allowing it to penetrate throughout your body and take you on an inner journey.  The combination of Reiki and sound shifts your brain waves and energy field into a deep state of relaxation which facilitates the action of Reiki. In this dreamlike state you can gain insight and a new perspective on your life to help you realign with your true potential.

What to expect from a Reiki Drum session

If you have not experienced Reiki with the Drum before then I suggest you attend a group session, these currently run in Edinburgh on the first Friday of the month. Details are here

A very beautiful experience – I loved the ocean drum it made me feel so peaceful.  The power of the big drum felt as if it was beating my heart deep in my body – wow💗. … felt so powerful.

Your facilitator: Fay Johnstone is a teacher of Usui Reiki and has been practicing Reiki since 2000 and Reiki Drumming since 2009. Fay is a trained Practitioner of Creative Shamanism and a Shamanic Herbalist and incorporates Shamanic tools and techniques along with plant medicine into her treatments.

For: Reiki Practitioners trained to Reiki Level 2. Shamanic experience is not required, however, this workshop provides a safe environment in which to develop your Shamanic journey experience and deepen your relationship with your guides.

All participants must have their own drum. If you do not have a drum then contact Fay.

DATE: Sat 2 March

At: Barefoot Sanctuary, 45 Melbourne Place, North Berwick, EH39 4JS – find Barefoot Sanctuary here

Time: 10.00 – 4.30 pm

Early bird (before end of Jan): £60 (payment in full, booking via paypal below)

OR Pay £25 deposit now via paypal below and £50 on the day.

Please book your place via paypal below or contact Fay for an alternative. Any questions then please get in touch.

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