Like plants? Love reiki?

Whether you like plants love reiki or love both, have you ever thought of combining the two to optimise both plant medicine and the nurturing healing aspect of Reiki energy for powerful, intuitive treatments?

Join this inspirational and fun day with Fay in both the garden and the treatment room inspired and guided  by the spirit of plants together with the spirit of Reiki. Plants connect to us through our heart space and are a wonderful, addition to boost Reiki treatments, especially to assist us with our emotional healing.

Fay will be sharing all her plant/Reiki techniques that she gathered from the 5 years she spent running a Reiki practice alongside her organic herb and flower farm.

Your Reiki treatments and connection with plants and nature, will never be the same again. You will discover plant allies and add the wonderful spirit of plants to your Reiki practice. Whether you are a professional practitioner or someone who uses Reiki for friends and family, this workshop will transform your Reiki into a new and greener dimension.

You will:

  • Nurture and transform your inner garden to help you grow healthy and strong
  • Learn how plants choose us and be chosen!
  • Receive healing unique to you from the spirit of a plant
  • Increase your understanding of Reiki and plants
  • Practice working with plants for a Reiki self-treatment
  • Experience growth and transformation as you receive treatments and insight from others
  • Practice healing others with Plants and Reiki
  • Connect to plants in a magical and meaningful way
  • Help raise the vibration of green spaces all over the world
  • Clock up Reiki CPD hours

For Plant Loving Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Level 1 or above and an interest in plants are the only requirements.


Sunday 3 September 10 -4pm

Where Can you Like plants Love Reiki

At the Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB

Cost: £50

Book your place with easy and Secure Payment options:

  • Payment can be made directly to Fay’s bank account email Fay@fayjohnstone to request the details
  • Payment can be made securely through Paypal using the button below
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