Private  Readings

Channeled Guidance from the Green Kingdom

A special experience to invite in the support and guidance of Gaia and the green world and tune into the energy and wisdom of the nature spirits, plants and helpers that come forward. Receive insight to help you flow with confidence, clarity and ease. £30. Read more and BOOK HERE

One to One Healing

One to One Online Healing

A sacred and nurturing experience to receive healing where you need it most using Shamanic healing techniques together with the nurturing energy of plant spirit medicine and Reiki, we let spirit lead the session. £99. Read more and BOOK HERE

Shamanic Coaching

Clarity and confidence to achieve your Vision

Tailor made sessions to help shift you from being stuck at “I don’t know” to feeling clearer, motivated and in the flow. Working with nature as a spiritual ally to support the process and aligning with your soul purpose.  Read more and BOOK HERE

Plants  that  Speak Online

6 part online self study course

A journey to awaken your intuition and reconnect you with the spirit of plants. Learn how to interact with nature and restore your sacred relationship with the environment that surrounds you. Your first steps into working with intuitive plant medicine. No experience necessary.

Enrolment is open Read more here

Reiki Your Nature Online Course

Combine the power of plants and the healing flow of Reiki to boost your Reiki practice, expand your consciousness and deepen your connection to your divine light within. 

Read more here and enroll now

Learn  Reiki

Start your Reiki journey with Fay

Fay is a registered practitioner with the CHNC, Complimentary Health Care Council. Reiki Training available from Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master Training. Small groups.

Go to events for the current training dates.

 I’d love to work with you if you are ready to align with your true nature,

embrace the mystery and discover your magic.

 Restore your Sacred Relationship with the Earth

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After having two one to one sessions with Fay I really wanted to continue. However as I wasn’t going to be close enough to do this “in person” my only option was to try this online. I was a little worried that it would not be the same or feel as good or as effective but decided to go ahead. I need not have worried as I felt just as connected to Fay through Skype as I did being in the same room. I could really feel the energy flowing to me in the same way. The sessions have really helped me to connect to my inner self, release my fears and past beliefs. I feel much calmer and know I am on the right path. Working with Fay is lovely as she feels like a friend who is really there to help you. I also loved hearing the messages and visions Fay received-they really did mean something to me and my situation. I really would recommend working with Fay to everyone. Fay is such a gifted and caring person and is making a real difference in my life.

Rachel K

I have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Fay. She has this beautiful way working her magic with the drum and creating such a sacred space for allowing you to be taken away to another realm. She has a wonderful gift and allows a safe space to explore. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Fay.

Josette Coulter, Yoga Instructor Belifted Yoga

Our session continues to have a big impact of change and acceptance. Prior to our work I was waking up dreading my day. Now I am reconnecting to who I am and loving more what is. I now feel a strong sense of get up and go and of having fun. The process has given me permission to take care of me, put myself first in order to have the energy for what I do. I am making a space for me, just me. My whole body seems alive with excitement. It had been easier for me to hide, I am now ready to be who I really am on my path. I want to continue to sparkle. A lot has come and continues to come, I just can’t thank you enough.

Gilly Gordon