Helping  you  create  a magical  2018

Here we are at the gateway to 2018 and I would really like to help you shift gears so that the life that you envision deep in your heart can become more of your reality. I’m offering meditations and one to one skype sessions on SALE to help you:

  • Receive healing to help you create and envision your beautiful 2018
  • Unburden yourself from behaviours, out-dated attitudes and past experiences which are clouding your ability to feel your way and holding you back.
  • Feel loved and supported by the magic of the universe, with courage to dream, create and manifest
  • Feel confident with your decisions and path
  • Light up the pathway and fill your 2018 with love, light and magical opportunity.

Meditation Trio

3 Healing Meditations

Channeled healing transmissions to send you healing where you need it most and help you shine light onto your 2018.

Reiki Healing Meditation (50 mins), Healing transmission (35 mins) and Guided visualisation of light (25 mins).

£20 for all 3 (nearly 2 hours of healing!). Pay via paypal below and a link will be sent to you.

One to One Clarity

3 Healing Meditations plus a 60 minute Skype Session

All of the meditations in the Meditation Trio plus 60 minute one to one together so that you can RECEIVE healing to create shifts, receive fresh insights and feel inspired going into 2018.

£49 for all 3 meditations plus 60 minutes skype (3 hours of healing!). Pay via paypal below and a link will be sent to you with the meditations and a link to my calendar. Sessions must be taken in January 2018.

 Step out and Shine

3 Healing Meditations plus 3 x 60 minute Skype Sessions

The Meditation Trio plus 3 x 60 minute one to ones together so that you can RECEIVE healing and create love inspired change for 2018. We’ll create a pathway of light to help you step into your personal power for 2018 feeling creative, confident and full of magic.

£99 for all 3 meditations and 3 x 60 minutes skype ( 5 hours of healing!). Pay via paypal below and a link will be sent to you with the meditations and a link to my calendar. Sessions must be taken weekly (ish) from Jan 3 – Feb 6 2018.

Happy Clients

Our session continues to have a big impact of change and acceptance. Prior to our work I was waking up dreading my day. Now I am reconnecting to who I am and loving more what is. I now feel a strong sense of get up and go and of having fun. The process has given me permission to take care of me, put myself first in order to have the energy for what I do. I am making a space for me, just me. My whole body seems alive with excitement. It had been easier for me to hide, I am now ready to be who I really am on my path. I want to continue to sparkle. A lot has come and continues to come, I just can’t thank you enough.

Gilly Gordon

After having two one to one sessions with Fay I really wanted to continue. However as I wasn’t going to be close enough to do this “in person” my only option was to try this online. I was a little worried that it would not be the same or feel as good or as effective but decided to go ahead. I need not have worried as I felt just as connected to Fay through Skype as I did being in the same room. I could really feel the energy flowing to me in the same way. The sessions have really helped me to connect to my inner self, release my fears and past beliefs. I feel much calmer and know I am on the right path. Working with Fay is lovely as she feels like a friend who is really there to help you. I also loved hearing the messages and visions Fay received-they really did mean something to me and my situation. I really would recommend working with Fay to everyone. Fay is such a gifted and caring person and is making a real difference in my life.

Rachel K

Working with Fay has helped me find the strength within me. I recommend her as a Reiki Practitioner, Teacher and holder of sacred space. If you are ready to let go of what is holding you back, need to connect with the real you or are just looking for a lovely relaxing treatment then speak to Fay. She is honest and open and you will be held in the most wonderful energy and blessed to meet and work with her.
I first met Fay after a good friend suggested I try Reiki to help with my depression. I was in a terrible space emotionally and felt like I’d tried everything. After a short call I instantly felt her warmth and compassion. I have to admit to being a bit sceptical about how it all could possibly help. That initial chat allayed my worries. I can’t honestly describe the supported feeling that I had after that session – you have to try it to understand. She made me challenge myself. It wasn’t easy – but she has helped me find love and compassion for myself which I never thought would be possible.


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