Awaken your intuition and reconnect to the natural world

Be part of an online community to share your plant experiences

This is a journey designed to compliment the teachings of Fay’s book “Plants that Speak Souls that Sing” and inspire you to get hands-on and up close and personal with the plant allies that surround you and are waiting to meet you!

Learn how to interact with nature through your senses, meditation and shamanic journeying and restore your sacred relationship with the environment that surrounds you. Experience a deeper connection with your garden, favourite plants, walks in nature or herbal medicines.plants that speak online rose

Ready to step through the portal? The green magic awaits!


This 6 part, 10 week journey includes:

6 Self-paced modules

Engaging video lessons with Fay

Simple exercises to deepen your plant interactions

PDF worksheets for self-reflection and intuitive guidance

Exclusive audio meditations to help you relax and connect with plants on a deeper level to experience their wisdom and blessings


3 x live online sacred circles with Fay

Private Facebook group

Weekly Q & A with Fay via the Facebook group




Plants that Speak Online Course is for you if…

  • You feel ungrounded or disconnected from nature and are longing to feel connected again.
  • You feel called by the green world, like the plants have a message for you or something to teach you that you don’t yet understand.
  • You sense an imbalance between the way humans and nature interact and would like to feel more aligned with the rhythms of nature.

It’s also for you if…

  • You want to awaken deep knowing within your DNA and open your intuition to the wisdom of nature.
  • You want to deepen your relationship with plants and the natural world and explore, on a different level, the plants that grow around you, or that you already use for herbal medicines.
  • You want to share your plant experiences with a small community of like-minded plant people.
  • You would like to feel more grounded and confident within yourself and supported by the Earth.
  • You are interested in earth-based spirituality, meditation or shamanic practices.


Course Outline

Module 1: Sacred Space

Learn how to create Sacred Space – the safe container for your practice. A sacred sanctuary for both inner exploration (mediation and journeying) and create physical sacred space to support your journey. You will learn about sacred space and experience meditations which allow you to open up to your true feelings, desires and dreams.

Module 2: Reawakening to Nature

This module encourages you to remember your connection to natureĀ  and reconnect with a guide to help you discover places in nature that are waiting for you. Remember all that the earth provides you with, remember your plant stories. Bring the outside In! Bring down the barriers – restore right relationship.

Module 3: Plant Exploring: Sensory Discovery

Learn how plants communicate. Let yourself be chosen by a plant. Meet plants through your physical senses and discover who wishes to connect with you. Explore how you feel around plants and places in nature.

Module 4: Green Breath

Working with your chosen plant, allow yourself to become more intimate and meet your plant with your breath. Practice meditations, mantra or guided visualisations with the plant that allow you to merge together.

Module 5: Meet the Spirit of a Plant

Discover the shamanic practice of journeying with a drum to encounter the spirit of the plant in another world. Connect with your plant and communicate.

Module 6: Sacred Green Ceremony

With the intention of honouring our green friends and gratitude for this connection and their teaching, we close our journey with sacred ceremony in nature. You are also invited on a meditation to step through the portal and ask the question – what next?

How does it work?

Content for the course is delivered online via an online platform that you log into from your phone or computer. You will be able to download the content and have lifetime access to the course.

You will be invited to join a private facebook group on receipt of payment to be part of the course community. You will need a Facebook account to access this part of the course.

When does it start?

NEXT program starts Feb 2019 – contact Fay to be on the wait list



Happy Clients

I felt just as connected to Fay through Skype as I did being in the same room. I could really feel the energy flowing to me in the same way. The sessions have really helped me to connect to my inner self, release my fears and past beliefs. I feel much calmer and know I am on the right path. Working with Fay is lovely as she feels like a friend who is really there to help you. I also loved hearing the messages and visions Fay received-they really did mean something to me and my situation. I really would recommend working with Fay to everyone. Fay is such a gifted and caring person and is making a real difference in my life.

Rachel K

Our session continues to have a big impact of change and acceptance. Prior to our work I was waking up dreading my day. Now I am reconnecting to who I am and loving more what is. I now feel a strong sense of get up and go and of having fun. The process has given me permission to take care of me, put myself first in order to have the energy for what I do. I am making a space for me, just me. My whole body seems alive with excitement. It had been easier for me to hide, I am now ready to be who I really am on my path. I want to continue to sparkle. A lot has come and continues to come, I just can’t thank you enough.

Gilly Gordon

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