Temple of Light

Activation and healing: Allow your innate wisdom to flow, shine the light that you are.

Light workers, you know who you are…

and perhaps you don’t truly understand or know how to fully implement the energy and wisdom that flows through you.

Be part of this.

Help us create the temple of light across the Earth. A temple that shines bright and true and raises up the vibration in and around where it is located.

We need your help to create this temple of light.

Your humble heart and healing energy.

Your ancient wisdom that pulses through you.

You will receive guidance.

You will know what to do.

This will release something in you and activate a forgotten part of your being.

The part that knows, the wisdom that is longing to flow.

Close your eyes and turn inside.

Focus on your heart.

What is it that you wish to create in this world?

Is it love? Is it light? Is it peace and healing?

Is it a new consciousness, a new respect for all living beings and a new way of stepping out into this beautiful Earth with gratitude, inspiration and sheer amazement at how magnificent you and this world are.

You are a multi-dimensional being.

This is an invitation to be that being, to step into that part of you and allow this to flow.

It begins now and it needs you.

We love you, you were made for this.

You are invited to open your heart to the medicine that you carry within you and to let your intuition guide you.

This Temple of Light Meditation Drum Journey and Activation was recorded at the Temple of Light workshop.  It will help you connect with the vibration of the temple of light that longs to shine and flow through you.

The Temple of light is not something that we create outside of ourselves, it’s created as we embody our light that comes from within. So it’s about connecting to and finding a clear pathway to connect with and strengthen the divine light that we carry inside of ourselves as beings of this Earth and shining the light that we are into the world. Embodying the light that we are in this way, in every way that we can, creates the temple of light that we are. Together, as we hold hands across this world with others who are also shining their light we radiate this divinity out into the world.

Through a process known as transfiguration, our light has a positive effect on others and they too are transformed. Our light has the power to create huge shifts across the planet.

What stops us? What’s in the way?

  • Negative beliefs, behaviours and attitudes.
  • Out-dated mindset and conditioning that is not serving us.
  • Past pain, anger, sadness and hurt that we can’t forgive and let go.
  • Feeling powerless (power loss)
  • Feeling like parts of us are missing (soul loss)
  • Negative past experiences (including from past lives)
  • Forgetting our true nature, separating ourselves from the divine source that created us.
  • Fear of shining, trusting and being ourselves.
  • Drama, ego…and much much more!

To access the 30 minute Temple of Light Meditation Drum Journey and Activation, pay via paypal on the link below. On receipt of payment the link to download the meditation will be sent to you.

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