Channeling Gaia   Workshop

Learn how to connect with the whispers of nature

Be part of this mind-blowing day out in the garden for a magical opportunity to connect with nature and discover the unique way that you receive and interpret the whispers of the green world.

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June 6 2020



10 – 5

Workshop fees

£75 (includes all materials, live access and replays)

Please book your place via paypal below or contact Fay for an alternative.

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Are the whispers of the green world calling you?

The natural world is constantly in communication with us, yet mostly we’re too busy to listen and receive the wisdom that is being transmitted. Like your ancestors who intuitively knew the meanings in the rhythm and the dance of the natural world, you too have this innate knowing, a unique ability to understand the language of nature.

This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to dive deeper into Gaia’s wisdom. You will be guided to access your intuitive senses explore the plant beings and elements of nature that are calling for your attention and decipher the messages and guidance that is being transmitted to you.

During the workshop you will:

  • Relax and open all of your senses to plant consciousness
  • Feel connected with a guide to help you
  • Discover a new plant and experience its unique essence
  • Experience how the spirit of plants moves through you in your own unique way
  • Learn how to interpret messages, signs and omens.
  • Connect to plants in a magical and meaningful way in Fay’s beautiful botanic garden.

You will receive instruction and guidance to help you open your intuition and discover plants and places in nature that have meaning for you. You’ll takeaway essential practices to help you experience more plant magic and enchantment in your daily life.. 

Channeling Gaia imageIt is my intention to guide you to

open to the whispers

of the green world, receive the guidance

and healing that you need and

                                                      bring this wisdom into your daily practice.


This Channeling Gaia workshop includes the following:

  • Instruction and guidance
  • Meditation practice
  • Exercises to open your intuitive senses
  • Practice with plants in Fay’s beautiful botanic garden
  • Shamanic Drumming journey for guidance
  • Vegetarian lunch
  • Refreshments and healthy snacks
  • Many other techniques and inspiration tailored to the small group and individual needs.

I feel closer and more connect to the land now and the whole retreat was definitely what I needed to recharge and refocus.

Rachael K, Earth Heart Retreat Particpant 2018

I created this workshop because so many of us are feeling a call from the green world yet have no idea where to start or don’t have the time to dedicate to taking time out to listen. I wanted to give a small group the opportunity to spend a day together in my wonderful botanic garden to pause and step back to fully open to and receive the guidance that is constantly being transmitted from the green world.

I can’t wait to share my garden with you and hold space for the magic to unfold.

Any more questions? Contact fay@fayjohnstone.com

Your Reiki Facilitator and Guide

Fay Johnstone has been practising Reiki since 2000 and since then has introduced Shamanic techniques, Reiki Drum and Plant Medicine into her healing work to teach clients the tools to empower their lives and spiritual path.

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