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A series of four live online classes to introduce you to the Usui System of Reiki energy healing from Japan. You will learn the origins, how it works, experience the energy and learn how to treat yourself and loved ones.

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Monday October 12, 19, 26 & Nov 2

7 – 8.45pm (BST)

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Learn Reiki: Usui 1st Degree / Level 1

Discover the Usui system of Reiki energy healing during this live online training. You’ll receive a distance attunement to the energy and learn how to work with the energy to treat yourself and others. You’ll also experience receiving a treatment and many other Reiki techniques. There will be opportunity to practise sensing and working with Reiki to provide you with confidence to treat yourself, family, friends, plants and animals.

Once you are attuned to Reiki energy, Reiki is with you for ever so whenever you lay your hands on someone with the intention to heal or help, Reiki will flow. Reiki’s gentle energy may be used safely by people of all ages, including pregnant mothers and the elderly. Reiki works effectively alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies and is a great self-help tool if you suffer from chronic / long term illness.

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This Reiki Level 1 training covers the following:

  • Introduction to Reiki and its origin
  • Ways of using Reiki
  • The Reiki principles
  • Introduction to chakras and sensing energy flow
  • Self practise
  • Hand positions
  • The attunement and cleansing period
  • Giving treatments to others
  • Reiki ethics
  • Group practice and meditation
  • Opportunities for questions

Each student receives:

  • Reiki Level l manual
  • Reiki Level l distance attunement
  • Access to live classroom on the day

Please note that under current policy of the UK Reiki Federation, distance reiki attunements are not accepted for certification. If you would like certification, after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, an in-person attunement and practice day be arranged that will certify you. (£55) However, this online training will make sure you have everything you need in order to practice Reiki for yourself, friends and family so that you can benefit from Reiki as soon as possible.

You may feel called to Learn Reiki Level 1 because of one or any of the following:

  • you or a loved one have a long-term health condition which will benefit from daily energy healing
  • you often feel anxious and stressed and will benefit from regular meditation, grounding and self treatment with Reiki
  • you suffer from depression and will benefit from feeling connected and supported by a regular practise that connects you to something larger than yourself.
  • you are a therapist or practitioner who would like to add Reiki to your tool kit to further benefit your clients
  • you have experienced the benefits of Reiki from a Practitioner and now it’s time for you to empower yourself and connect to Reiki for your own path.
  • you are seeking a tool that will help you learn more about your true nature and bring transformation to your life

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Your Reiki Teacher

Fay Johnstone has been practising Reiki since 2000 and since then has introduced Shamanic techniques, Reiki Drum and Plant Medicine into her healing work to teach clients the tools to empower their lives and spiritual path.

Booking Terms and Conditions

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