Hello I’m Fay,

You could call me  a  Plant  Whisperer, but  I actually talk quite loudly.

I love  to  help people  reconnect  to  nature  and  the spirit of  plants.

This connection  restores wholeness to  the soul and a feeling of infinite  love  and joy.

I’m passionate about plants and people. I’d love to help you discover the magic of the green kingdom and reconnect with the real you that lies deep within, the you that has the wisdom, the you that owns the magic, the you that has the big heart and big dreams.

I haven’t always felt this confident or together. In fact, I spent years as a square peg uncomfortably trying to fit into a round “normal” hole. I made myself miserable working in sensible office jobs that I thought I “should” do. I found the 9 to 5 city life inside a box a struggle. Life just didn’t feel magic or green enough and my soul was not singing.

Deep inside of me was a persistent voice whispering away with dreams of freedom, of green spaces and magic. I was longing to reconnect to the deep, wild and mysterious parts of me that had been left out in the cold. Those parts that lit up when I was a child hunting for fairies at the bottom of the garden. The real me.

One day, with no explanation, I found myself buying plants for my tiny balcony in Paris. Before I knew it I had moved out of the city and had an actual garden and an allotment. I even started a Bsc in Herbal Medicine such was my yearning for that green connection, partnership and wisdom.

I followed my dreams in 2010 and moved to rural Nova Scotia with my partner to run an organic flower and herb farm. This is where I embraced the Wise Woman tradition as a community herbalist and opened my heart to the wisdom of nature. For five years I danced nature’s song in flowers, healing herbs and ritual and became part of a sacred circle of Women. Honouring the seasons and elements, living in close connection with Mother Earth I came to experience the subtle ways that nature communicates and assists us with our personal transformation. I discovered plant allies and plant spirit healing. A whole new way of being in the world opened up to me which gave me confidence to overcome my limiting self-beliefs to finally start blossoming and follow my inner compass. Read more about My Plant Spirit Discovery here

Now, based in the land of my ancestors in Scotland, supported by a huge team of spirit guides by my side, I feel loved, guided, connected to a much greater whole and willing to shine.

Living to the beat of my own heart, I’d like to help you do the same.



Fay has a beautiful combination of mystical intuition curled around her pragmatic directness that ensures a feeling of trust. I believe her to be a powerful healer and a wise woman who had helped me tremendously on my journey so far and hopefully for long into the future too.

Amanda Elithorn, writer and guide

My Approach


I see my role as a holder of sacred space and sanctuary for you to receive nourishment for your soul, nurture your dreams, remember your magical nature and reclaim your power to become fully aligned with the real you.

My work is guided by a team of spirit guides and I use Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques combined with life coaching and the alchemy of nature to bring lasting transformation. With one foot in both the spirit world and the real world, I love to bring the extraordinary into the ordinary with down to Earth practical advice and inspiration to inspire you create change and take action.

From the beginning of the session Fay leads with a confident, clear voice and communicates beautifully as she introduces students to her mesmerizing class.  She is very present to the energies of her students and is able to guide and heal with both her drumming and words.  Time seems to both stand still and fly by as she takes you on a journey inward which leaves you feeling grounded and grateful.  Joyful Yoga students often ask for her, if you have the chance to work with her I highly recommend it!

Joy from Joyful Yoga, Truro.

Special Interests and Favourite things


I love hanging out with plants and people, making potions and watching a starry night sky. My favourite time of the year is May. I love spring when everything comes to life and can’t possibly name just one favourite flower or herb.

My favourite therapy is puppy cuddles and feeling the warmth of the sun. I feel fabulous in the ocean especially when snorkelling. I like bright colours and drinking wine. I have a special thing for unicorns.


My professional qualifications


2015                     Creative Shamanic Practitioner Training, Little Red Drum School of Shamanism.

2015                     Diploma in Reflexology, Scottish School of Reflexology

2010 –2015         Owner of Oliver Farm, Flower and Herb Farm and Herbal product business.

2012 – 2013         Master Herbalist training with Heart of Herbs school.

2010                      ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and Bach Flower Remedies Level 1

2009                      Reiki Drum Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher

2004-2006            Bsc Herbal Medicine Scottish School of Herbal Medicine  and then the College of Phytotherapy, UK.

Nov 2000              Reiki Level 1 and 2.

 I’d love to work with you if you are ready to follow your inner voice,

embrace the mystery and discover your magic.

Ready for a chat? Book a Free 15 minute Discovery session here and let’s see how we can work together.

Restore your Sacred Relationship with the Earth

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Fay creates a safe and peaceful space. Her voice is the perfect invitation to relax, release and trust. I love the intensity of the drumming. I remember the potency of the intention to awaken and heal. It stays with me. I recommend this as a part of journeying home to yourself.

Rachael MacLean, True Nature Studio

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