Hello I’m Fay, Shamanic Herbalist & Reiki Teacher


I offer training in Reiki, Shamanism and Intuitive Plant Healing to help earth conscious healers connect to the sacred web and feel confident and guided in their personal and professional practice.

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Happy Clients

The sessions have really helped me to connect to my inner self, release my fears and past beliefs. I feel much calmer and know I am on the right path. Working with Fay is lovely as she feels like a friend who is really there to help you. I also loved hearing the meaningful messages and visions Fay received. I really recommend working with Fay to everyone. Fay is such a gifted and caring person and is making a real difference in my life.

Rachel K

I have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Fay. She has this beautiful way working her magic with the drum and creating such a sacred space for allowing you to be taken away to another realm. She has a wonderful gift and allows a safe space to explore. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Fay.

Josette Coulter, Yoga Instructor Belifted Yoga

Prior to my work with Fay I was waking up dreading my day. Now I am reconnecting to who I am and loving more what is. Our sessions initiated big change and acceptance. I now feel a strong sense of fun and get up and go. The process has given me permission to put myself first and take care of me. My whole body seems alive with excitement and energy. I am ready to stop hiding and be who I really am on my path. I feel like sparkling. I just can’t thank Fay enough.

Gilly Gordon

Fay`s Blog

What is Plant Spirit Reiki?

What is Plant Spirit Reiki?

What is Plant Spirit Reiki? Combining the beautiful power of plants and the healing flow of reiki is a powerful combination that gets right to the heart of what a client really needs and can help take your Reiki practice to new levels of healing and harmony. Just as...

A simple way to meet a Plant Ally

A simple way to meet a Plant Ally

Are you looking for a simple way to meet a plant ally? Firstly, before we dive in and get ahead of ourselves. If you are new to plant connection, you might be thinking what on earth is a plant ally/friend/guide and why do I want or even need one or many? If that's the...

How to Communicate with Plants

How to Communicate with Plants

How to Communicate with Plants: Getting Started In this post with accompanying video I will lay out a simple three step process to teach you how to communicate with plants and further steps to follow to help you investigate further and open up to receive the...


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