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Shamanic Reiki Drumming book cover

A complete guide to shamanic drumming for enhancing Reiki practice

Reiki drum techniques and step-by-step shamanic practices to strengthen the potency of Reiki symbols and treatments and bring empowerment, healing, connection, and clarity to you and your clients

Experience the Shamanic Journey with confidence

Explains the essence of shamanic journeying with a drum, including how to set intentions, access and navigate the three shamanic worlds, meet spirit guides, and connect deeply with your intuition.

Explore the versatility of the drum

Learn protocols for drumming for yourself and others: in person, distant healing, group gatherings, reiki shares and ceremony.

 “What I love about Shamanic Reiki Drumming is the beautiful way Fay Johnstone integrates key healing elements into her practice. As many of us doing energy and spiritual work know, connection to Spirit and being the ‘hollow bone’ are what allow and encourage healing to occur. Fay explains these basics very well, and then guides the reader into deeper realms of drumming work, including its evocation of altered states to enter the Universal. Always present, and absolutely essential, are the constant currents of intuition and intention, so the reader can access potent and lasting healing. You will enjoy this well written and knowledgeable book.


medical doctor, graduate of the Four Winds Society, host of Maximum Medicine radio show, and author of Maximize Your Healing Power

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Another beautifully written book by Fay Johnstone, full of wonderful insightful practices, bringing Reiki, Drumming and Shamanism together. 
Written in a way we can all understand and benefit from, for ourselves, our students and our community. 
I am looking forward to working with many of these wonderful practices and sharing them with others.
Thank you Fay for your inspiration.
Lorna Mclean

Reiki Master Teacher

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