Events with Fay

Learn Reiki Level 1 with Fay Johnstone

Online  Reiki  Training

Online training with live attunement for Reiki level 1 for personal healing and to share with friends and family.

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plant wisdom circle

Plant Wisdom Circle

Monthly online circle for plant spirit seekers

Deepen your understanding of and connection with the spirit of the plants and share your experiences with like-minded earth-loving souls.

Monthly last Monday of the month: Next circle June 28

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Reiki share

Online Reiki Share

Monthly online Reiki Share

Opportunity to exchange Reiki with fellow practitioners from all over the world. Come to give and receive Reiki. All levels welcome, including those who are not Reiki practitioners!

Monthly: May 17, June 16, July 19

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Reiki Level 2 training

Reiki  Level 2

Reiki Level 2 Training

Professional training for Reiki level 1 practitioners. In person and online.

July 3 & 4

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journey with plant spirit reiki

Journey with  Plant Spirit  Reiki 

Plant Spirit Reiki book club and workshops

2 weeks deep dive into Plant Spirit Reiki for practitioners. 2 in person garden workshops and online zoom call.

July 11, 23, 25 Fife, Scotland

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Reiki Master Training

Reiki  Master  Training

Weekend Reiki Master Training

Advanced training for Reiki level 2 practitioners.

August 7 & 8

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Learn Reiki Level 1 with Fay Johnstone

Reiki: Drum Introduction

Add the sacred beat of the drum into your Reiki practice to take your practice and client work to a new dimension.

Online live class Sept tbc

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Plant Spirit Shamanism

Online 6 part Introduction

Get started with Plant Spirit Shamanism

Discover a magical world of plant beings waiting to provide wisdom and healing to give you confidence and clarity for your path ahead.

Starts Sept TBC

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