Green Man Retreats

Retreat and be held by the spirits of nature

Escape from your ordinary reality into a healing space set up to nurture your true, divine essence.

Come for an afternoon, a whole day, a mid-week break, a long weekend or more.

Come solo, come with your mum, your daughter, your bestie, your partner or your dog…

Tailored to suit you

What are you seeking?

What makes your heart sing?

What do you long for?

How do you connect to the magic of this world?

What is rising in you?

What needs to fall away?

What do you need to support you?

Fay Johnstone Reiki Drum Peebles

Why retreat?

Here are some of the reasons that you may choose to retreat into nature:

  • To honour your ancestors and heal family conflict or unhealthy patterns.
  • To celebrate a milestone and open to a new direction. Eg. Divorce, retirement, menopause, a birthday, a promotion.
  • To connect to spirit guides and your inner wisdom
  • To create space for yourself to grow into and truly listen to your heart.
  • To learn Reiki or Shamanic practices to heal yourself.
  • To explore your spirituality and connect to nature.
Walking meditation in nature

Deep dive or rest and recuperate

Your retreat schedule is tailored to support your highest good and guided by the helping spirits that support Fay’s healing practice.

We work together in sacred space. Sessions may include:

Shamanic Healing and drumming

Reiki Healing

Qi Gong practice and energy restoration

Plant Medicine and Limpias

Ceremony and Ritual

Intuitive Readings and Guidance


Guided Meditation

Create S P A C E and let yourself RECEIVE the healing and guidance you need to reclaim your true nature.

New Year More Vision Fay Johnstone

Retreat location

Moon Gate Retreats take place in a botanic garden on the banks of the firth of forth, in Fife, Scotland. We are located 30 minutes from Edinburgh Airport, 45 minutes from the city centre and 10 minutes from the city of Dunfermline.

You stay in our off grid cosy yurt with wood stove, a plumbed bathroom (with hot water!) and a wood fired sauna.

sacred space ponds2

Fay's presence is supportive, compassionate and kind. Her guidance is attuned to a place of deep listening and discernment in the present moment.

The space offers a deep tranquility as you find yourself immersed in beautiful gardens overlooking the sea.

Fay is a gifted midwife, birthing our soul's forgotten ability to dance and open to Love.

With Fay's gentle guidance and the vibrant plant life, I learned how to listen more deeply and connect to the healing rhythms of the earth, the plants, and the sea.

What to expect

Plants that Speak upminster

A Cosy Off Grid Yurt with wood fired stove

Nutritious food

Tailored schedule with specific sessions including time for you to rest and relax.

Time in nature to receive the healing frequency of the plants

The wisdom and care of a facilitator with over 20 years experience.

Bird song

Beach walks

Sunrises and Sunsets

Moon bathing and star gazing

Woodland tranquility

Finding the magic of you again


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Guidance from the Goddess Isis on Lion’s Gate 08/08

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Plant Spirit Activation with Magnolia

Plant Spirit Activation with Magnolia

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The Healing Power of Trees

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