Fay's new book - Available October 2020

Enrich your Reiki Practice

Explore a new way of channeling Reiki energy for both personal healing and professional practice by intuitively connecting with plants and the natural world.

intuitively work in partnership with plants

Hone your intuitive senses and explore new relationships with plants as guides with simple exercises, meditations and Reiki practices.

Gain confidence and feel inspired

Raise the vibration of your community and the planet by connecting with green spaces, nature beings, and habitats under threat.


Share your plant stories

From the Blog

Dreaming with the Earth Heart

Dreaming with the Earth Heart

Imagine that deep within the centre of the earth lies the earth heart, pulsating, creating and dreaming into being every wonder that exists on this incredible planet. A vibrant and ancient symphony of green and gold, spinning our world from her dreamtime into our...

Walking Meditation in Nature

Walking Meditation in Nature

Meditation does not have to mean sitting still and feeling uncomfortable. You can also experience the benefits of meditation and mindful awareness while you are slowly walking experiencing walking meditation. For best results go outside and allow all of your senses to...