Here is a message and a plant spirit activation with magnolia. It came through from the magnolia tree in my garden here in Scotland. You can choose to read the plant spirit activiation with magnolia below or listen to it.

The plant spirit activation with Magnolia will help you:

  • receive healing in your throat chakra and improve communication
  • release stagnant energy in your joints
  • feel rooted into the earth and centred in your truth
  • receive the energy of suppleness, balance and expansion
  • feel open, connected, supported and strong

Listen to the Plant Spirit Activation with Magnolia below

Read and receive the Plant Spirit Activation with Magnolia below

Begin by taking a deep breath in and release it out. Feel yourself landing and grounding into the earth. Either sit on the floor or have your feet really connected to the earth. Feel your roots unravelling and unfurling anchoring you deep down, connecting you into the earth to realign with this frequency of the mother the creator.

Call in a beautiful golden sphere of light to surround you and in that sphere there is this magnificent magnolia tree standing so serenely.

Feel see and sense yourself coming into that embrace of the magnolia tree moving into her embrace. Sense the edges of your energy field where you are and where you end and where the world outside you begins. Magnolia is touching that edge and coming forward to merge with you and me, with us. Feel that coming through like a wave of lime and deep green.

Peace is needed in our conversation and relationships. Take a deep breath in and really open and invite in a healing beam of green gold light into your throat chakra. Bring attention to your shoulder blades and roll them back. Roll back your shoulders to open the neck. Tilt the head and chin slightly down so the back of the neck is lengthening. Take a deep breath in and release it out. As you release that, feel see and sense a murky mist leaving you from the back door of your throat area. Allow that to leave you. Magnolia is clearing a blockage from the throat chakra. Just let that go. You don’t have to know what it is or where it came from. You just need to release and let go and bring in a deep breath right down into your belly through the heart and place your hand on your heart.

Breathe and receive a frequency now from magnolia, comforting your energy body, receiving a spiral, elevating and activating bringing in a frequency of divine joy and relief.

There is a feeling of release and relief here. Open to bring in balance and receive. Imagine where you could receive it, where does it feel this healing needs to be received? Is it moving into your spine? Is it moving into the digestive system or the heart space or the hips?

It’s really getting into all these little areas, the joints, the hip area and through the spine, magnolia is bringing in movement. The theme here is a release, a relief and allowing movement, bringing movement into the body, movement into your voice and also into your body. It’s providing you with suppleness so that you can be flexible and so that you can move with the times, move with what life is asking from you and calling you to do. Magnolia energy is bringing in a flexibility, a strength and suppleness like that of a ballet dancer, like that of a gentle dancer who is full of strength and stamina but yet can subtly move out of the way. So that you can be flexible in your approach and are not going to be thrown off center when life throws you a curveball because there are many curveballs coming.

This frequency from magnolia is bringing you into a lovely deep balancing, a rooting into the earth and a reminder of this flexibility, this ability to go from one side to the other side and not fall off your center. You’re like a trapeze artist walking the line, walking that spiral dance of your soul’s path and this frequency from magnolia is bringing you this ability to go from one side to the other side and always come back to your center, to your balance point. There is no tipping point for you, there is always balance and groundedness and centeredness. This is going to be felt in your work, it is going to be felt in your friendships, maybe more and more people will be coming to you because you are their rock and are not swayed by others. You can stay true to you and your truth because you know deep down what that is and this alignment here, this activation from magnolia is providing this for you. It is bringing this for you so beautifully. If you are knocked forward, if you trip, magnolia is making sure you will not fall, you are able to catch yourself before you fall, before you fall into depression, anxiety or fear. This strength from magnolia gives you that ability to say; “wait a moment” and shine the light of awareness on that and bring yourself back up into the strength of your spine, like the trunk of a tree. This still gives you that flexibility to move as the path wishes you to move but means that you are really rooted into the earth and always graceful and gracious. Gracefully going about your business, with your truth, graciously showing compassion for others to walk theirs but always centered on your path and flowing with your unique vibration. Your unique frequency, the unique way that your soul wishes to dance this earth walk. Shine out deep gratitude for all the opportunities that are coming forward for you, all these opportunities that may try and knock you from your truth and from your anchor point, all these opportunities providing you with an opportunity, the occasion to expand more and more into yourself.

Here is a reminder from magnolia that you are rooted in the earth, you are supported but you can stretch your limbs out wide. Remember you have branches, you have this massive energy field which can reach up and connect all across the world, up into the multiverse to meet others in your network, others in this flower of life, in the dance that we are dancing. Magnolia is reminding you to reach out with your branches and touch the sky.

Touch your dreams.

Reach out and connect with others. Feel the light of the sun. Allow that in. Allow the light into your leaves and your growing tips and the very, very, far reaches of your soul. Bring that light in because that light helps you to grow and expand.

Just breathe in and receive all of this guidance from the magnolia, allow a smile on your face. You might want to place your hands on your heart or your belly and allow that to come into your root. Feel rooted into the earth with a sense of peace. Radiate that out to all the green beings on this planet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Send your thanks deep down through your roots into mother earth.

Raise your energy body up to reach the heavens and through the cosmos. Feel that connection to source and bring in the flower of life symbol to wrap around your energy field to remind you of your connection and how connected you are to this beautiful dance of life, this soup of creation that we are all dancing through together.

Blessings to you from Fay, and also blessings from this wonderful magnolia here.

Have a wonderful day.

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