While meditating on the Earth Ascension process in this year’s (2023) powerful Lion’s Gate Portal, August 8, I connected with the great Eygptian Goddess Isis. She was present to guide us through the energies of this special alignment with the sun in Leo and the rising of Sirius.

The guidance from the Goddess Isis on Lion’s Gate 08/08 was rooted in the restoration of power and the simple message that it’s time to remember who we are. We have been fragmented, distracted, shaped out of place. It’s now time to put ourselves back together – “re-member ourselves” and open up to living.

Isis reminds us that we have a responsibility to cultivate courage and resilience, to free ourselves from old outdated patterns and step into the truth and power of who we are. We are always guided and assisted by the stars and heavenly powers.

Isis on Temple of PhilaeImage by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay

Guidance from the Goddess Isis

Come with me.

I am here, holding out my hand.

Reach out and feel it, soft and warm in yours.

Look into my eyes.

See yourself reflected, see my love for you.

Trust in me as I guided you now.

Travel with me above and beyond,

over turbulent seas.

Rest a while on the mountains above.

You can see it up ahead,

the portal.

The gateway of light beckoning to you.

I will not leave your side.

You are ready now.

What you wish to leave behind will fall away,

tumble into the sea of stars to be transformed.

You will become lighter,


luminous across the sky,

a beacon that calls to others,

that magnetises the world to your dance.

Let yourself surrender and trust,

you have the power to recreate and resurrect.

Birth yourself anew,

build the earth, the world, the life you choose.

Feel it in your heart, these divine wishes of your soul,

for they are yours alone if they stay inside

and they long to be shared.

Share your longings, share the beauty.

Offer your love to the world.

The gateway where it begins is here and now.

Take this journey as you wish it to be.

All the stars in the sky sing with you.

And so it is.

May this guidance help you to courageously live in alignment with your heart and soul and recalibrate your life to express your creative truth.

Night sky

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you feel called to learn more about the Egyptian Goddess Isis then tune in and call her to you. Research her mythology and follow what resonates for you. She is also known as Eset. There is a whole temple didicated to her at Philae in Egypt. She was the consort of Osirus and the mother of Horus. There is a beautiful mythology surrounding her and the magical powers she has of recreation and resurrection. She is known as the great mother. Listen to what messages she has for you.