Restore balance and well being

Re-kindle your sacred relationship with the natural environment that surrounds you for increased vitality, better health and more energy.

Open your intuitive senses

Explore with your physical senses, feelings and intuition to experience plants, seasons and cycles on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Gain confidence and feel inspired

Receive practical guidance on over 40 exercises including links to digital tracks for shamanic drumming and guided meditations to help you connect with plants in a magical and meaningful way.


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From the Blog

Harmony after Hibernation

Welcome to spring (if you are in the northern hemisphere!) - I can feel those daffodils cheering! Spring Ritual and Meditation to create harmony after hibernation To help you bring balance and harmony into your life by working with the natural energies at this time of...

Beat the February Blues with Imbolc Blessings

The wheel of the year has turned - which means we've reached the celtic fire festival of Imbolc. Spring, led by the snow drops and catkins is pushing its way through bringing with it a heap of potentiality, hope and abundance for us to embrace. There is a beautiful...

New Year, More Vision

Happy New Year to you all! I truly believe that 2019 can be the most amazing year of whatever each one of us strives to envision and create. What do you believe is possible for yourself this year? New Year, More Vision This time of year, is front loaded with pure...

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