Engage with the intelligence of nature to discover your unique role and deepen your spiritual path on Earth.

Rekindle your connection with nature

Open up to plant consciousness as a way to enrich your spiritual path and restore a feeling of wholeness and well being.

Practical Guidance

Contains over 40 exercises, including links to digital downloads for a shamanic drumming track and guided meditations to help you connect with plants in a magical and meaningful way.


Share your plant stories

From the Blog

Shamanic Practitioner Training – the greatest teachings

Entering into the final stage of my three year shamanic practitioner training in Creative Shamanism with the School for Creative Shamanism, I've realised that the Shamanic techniques and practices that I have studiously learned are really only a tiny part of the whole...

Reiki, I did that once

Oh Reiki, I did that once... Learning Reiki - seriously? I hear that a lot! Learning Reiki is not some kind of one off training that you tick off the list, a manual that you receive and leave in the drawer gathering dust. Well that's not the way I teach it anyway....

Warrior, Witch or Fool this 2018?

So new year- same old you? Or something different? What choices are you going to make this year to navigate the new path of 2018 that lies before you? Will you be the Warrior, Witch or Fool this 2018? or something else entirely? As the hero of your own story, what...

Free online course

Discover the Spirit of Plants, re-open pathways of communication between yourself and the natural world, feel connected and feed your wild soul.

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