Restore balance and well being

Re-kindle your sacred relationship with the natural environment that surrounds you for increased vitality, better health and more energy.

Come to your senses

Engage with the intelligence of nature and open up your physical senses, feelings and intuition to experience plants, seasons and cycles on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Experience plants from a new perspective and feel inspired

Receive practical guidance on over 40 exercises including links to digital tracks for shamanic drumming and guided meditations to help you connect with plants in a magical and meaningful way.


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And now this

May's been great (and now this!) I sold my flat. (phew) I bought a camper van. (hurrah! I own a hippy mobile) I put all my things into storage. (tricky and exhausting) I visited Rosslyn Chapel with 3 beautiful sisters. (heart warming) I discovered 2 new beautiful...

3 Great Books on Trees

If you love trees like I do, then you will appreciate these 3 great books on trees too. Whether you admire their beauty and stature or seek to reach out and connect on a deeper level for support and grounding, there is nothing quite like the beauty of our sacred...

When to Learn Reiki Level 2

When to learn Reiki Level 2 is a question I am often asked. After being attuned to Reiki Level 1, many people get so excited by their new found Reiki powers that they quickly sign up for the next course, some even learn Reiki 1 and 2 over a weekend. Wow. There really...

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