Oh Reiki, I did that once… Learning Reiki – seriously?

I hear that a lot!

Learning Reiki is not some kind of one off training that you tick off the list, a manual that you receive and leave in the drawer gathering dust. Well that’s not the way I teach it anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, we can all say “Reiki, I had a treatment once”, but if you learn Reiki, the connection to the energy is with you forever.

So if you come across someone who says they learned Reiki once and don’t do it anymore, believe me, they’ve still got it, it’s just tuned down low! Like a muscle, it benefits for your Reiki connection to be worked.

Do I need to practice Reiki everyday to stay attuned to the energy?

I often get asked to re-attune clients who were trained a while ago in Reiki Level 1 and then didn’t feel inspired to really take it up and practice at the time after their initial training. Re-attunement is not necessary, however, refreshing your connection to the energy, the Reiki story and ethics and spending a whole weekend with Reiki energy is a huge benefit and can encourage you to take up the practice with more confidence and enthusiasm second time around.

After the attunement to the energy, Reiki is with you forever. The more you practice and get used to the sensation and flow of the energy, the more confident and familiar you will feel with Reiki. It’s recommended to practice on yourself every day, and I really wouldn’t take any Reiki Master Teacher seriously if they did not practice every day. It’s a basic requirement!

Practicing everyday doesn’t have to mean an hour long treatment. I recommend students make short Reiki self-treatments a normal and regular part of their routine, like incorporating Reiki when you take a shower or to help you relax before bedtime.

In fact, my advice to new Reiki students is to “Reiki the shxx out of everything”. Because, you can apply Reiki to everything: food, plants, people, telephones, emails, cars, mindset, job interviews, houses, projects, decisions…Reiki I did that once

Reiki for Professional Therapists

Reiki is certainly a really simple and relatively inexpensive technique to learn as an addition to any health or body work business. It will enhance massage and other body work techniques, it can also help put clients at ease in many counseling situations and talking therapies.

Reiki for Family Well being

Reiki is a fabulous tool to help look after the well being of your family, especially to help relax children or increase the well being of older family members with long term or chronic diseases.

Reiki as a stress-management tool

Coping with stress, anxiety and depression are huge issues which can affect us all over time. I use Reiki as a tool to help me feel supported and loved and to help soothe away my stress at the end of the day. I recommend working with Reiki as part of any regime recommended by your health care practitioner. Reiki does not interfere with medication.

Reiki as a self-care ritual

I notice that with many of my clients, the number one reason they come and see me for help is because at some stage they put their own self-care low down on the priority list and have become unbalanced, depressed, disconnected with what makes their heart sing or a little lost. Learning Reiki is an amazing tool to incorporate into your self-care rituals, to help maintain your balance, feel loved and connected to your inner knowing and truth.

Don’t be one of those people who says “Reiki, I did that once”.

Be one of those people who says “Reiki, I learned that, I do that, I practice that, it makes me feel great and I love it!”

Check out the Reiki Federation for all things Reiki here and GO HERE to find a Reiki Level 1 Training weekend with Fay