Welcome to spring (if you are in the northern hemisphere!) – I can feel those daffodils cheering!

Spring Ritual and Meditation to create harmony after hibernation

To help you bring balance and harmony into your life by working with the natural energies at this time of year – watch this video for guidance and reflect on the journal prompts outlined below to help you go deeper.

AND scroll down below the video to listen to a gentle meditation to help you connect with the spirit of spring.

Life is starting to emerge – it’s time that you did too!

Here are some journal points for you to reflect on at this time of year:

  • Write five things that you love and appreciate about this time of year?
  • What’s emerging out of hibernation for you?
  • What qualities / energy are you embodying?
  • What interests and passions are awakening within you?
  • Which part of your life needs to be brought into balance?
  • Which part of your life needs your love and compassion?
  • How can you pay closer attention to your intuitive senses?
  • What knowing is inside you that wants to be honoured?
  • Who are you becoming?
  • List five actions that you can take to help you feel even more confident about who you are and who you are becoming?
  • What support do you need to do this?

Meet the Spirit of Spring with this gentle Meditation