The shamanic journey takes us into an expanded state of consciousness to access other dimensions and receive guidance, information and healing. Shamanic journeys are a key technique of Western Shamanism and are usually undertaken using the repetitive beat or sound of a hand held drum or rattle. If you are exploring a shamanic path, the shamanic journey will be a process that you undertake often so it’s worth really getting clear on the basics and practising until it all clicks together.

Check out these ten tips below for successful shamanic journeying:

  1. Create Sacred Space
  2. Hold a clear intention
  3. Call in your Guides
  4. Maintain clear boundaries
  5. Stay curious rather than analytical and judgemental
  6. Receive with the whole of your being ie. this is not a movie
  7. Give thanks and trust
  8. Take time to integrate the experience
  9. Close down your space clearly
  10. Take inspired action

Curious about Shamanism?

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