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Re-kindle your sacred relationship with the natural environment that surrounds you for increased vitality, better health and more energy.

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Explore with your physical senses, feelings and intuition to experience plants, seasons and cycles on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Gain confidence and feel inspired

Receive practical guidance on over 40 exercises including links to digital tracks for shamanic drumming and guided meditations to help you connect with plants in a magical and meaningful way.


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Reiki Drum for Nature Connection

Reiki Drum for Nature Connection

There are many fascinating ways that the shamanic drum can benefit Reiki practice. Drumming in nature is one of the ways that reiki practitioners can work with the drum to help us feel more a sense of belonging and anchoring. Drumming outside in nature also helps us...

Flower Essences for Reiki Practitioners

Flower Essences for Reiki Practitioners

As a former owner of a flower farm and a Reiki practitioner of over twenty years it only seems right that I share with you my love of flower essences and how powerful they are for your personal healing as well as your client practice. My top Five Flower Essences for...

Three Questions Never to Ask in a Shamanic Journey

Three Questions Never to Ask in a Shamanic Journey

Discover the Three Questions never to ask in a Shamanic Journey Setting a good clear intention before you Shamanic Journey is key to receiving clear and helpful information from the spirit world. Phrasing and wording an intention is quite an art and I'm going to share...