Reiki Master Training

Advanced Reiki Training for Reiki Level 2 Practitioners.

Next Reiki Master Online Training starts 15 Jan 2024 and runs over six sessions until Feb 29

Reiki Master Training

Learn Reiki: Usui Level 3/ Master training

This training is an opportunity for those already attuned to Reiki Level l and 2 to further deepen your Reiki practice and become a stronger channel for Reiki energy. You will explore ways of developing your intuition, and your relationship with spirit guides, to support your ongoing spiritual growth, wisdom and understanding.

You will receive an attunement to the Master energy and acquire the knowledge of the Master symbol as well as other symbols and techniques to enhance your Reiki practice including psychic surgery and the use of crystal grids.

It is recommended that you have at least 6 months of experience with Reiki Level 2 (12 months experience since Reiki Level 1) to ensure you have integrated the precepts of Reiki and put into practice what you have learned. I recommend that Reiki is an integral part of your journey for you to consider training at Master level. If you have not completed your Reiki level 1 or 2 training with Fay, then you will need to demonstrate that you have a sound understanding of Reiki principles, Reiki symbols, meditations and techniques and practice Reiki on a regular basis.

Reiki Master Training is Part I of the Reiki Master Teacher training, but can also stand alone in its own right. It’s a perfect way to experience the energy shift that comes with the Master attunement, but without the pressure of becoming a Teacher.

This training introduces you to the techniques and energy of Reiki required at Master Level, however it does not teach how to carry out attunements for students – for this level you need to undertake the Reiki Master Teacher Training.

This journey on the path of Mastery dives deeper into the heart of Reiki as a spiritual practice and you will experience a new dimension of compassion for self and others as well as personal transformation and empowerment.

It is my goal to inspire you to feel confident, guided and supported by your Reiki Practice.

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Meditation with Reiki

This training covers the following advanced tools and energy techniques:

  • Review of your Reiki journey so far
  • Guided visualisation and meditation
  • Introduction to the Usui Master Symbol and Tibetan symbols
  • Empowerment exercises using the symbols
  • Breathing techniques
  • Attunement to the Master Symbol
  • Recap on auras and chakra energy centres
  • Living your life with Reiki = being Reiki
  • Reiki ‘psychic surgery’ – focuses on helping heal specific areas of the energy body.
  • Reiki and Crystal Healing Grids – to channel distant Reiki 24 hours a day
  • Basic introduction to Pendulum dowsing – to experience in more detail your clients’ chakra systems
  • Antahkarana – The use of these Asian symbols that produce a healing effect
  • Awareness of other CAM therapies and client care techniques to enhance the treatment

Each student receives:

  • Reiki Master manual
  • Reiki Master  attunement
  • Reiki Master certificate (after case studies)

The benefit of the six session training:

  • provides you with more time to practice interact with other participants and ask questions
  • opportunity to rest, integrate the teachings and practice in between classes and come back to the next class with questions that may have arisen
  • allows the healing process to be fully supported by Master energy for the duration of the program for an extended healing experience.
  • enables you to experience different Reiki techniques and meditations with the energy
  • provides you with space and time to reflect on your experience of Reiki and gather momentum for your practice.

Who is the training for?

For: Everyone who has completed Reiki Level 1 and 2 training (with Fay or with another Reiki Master). Reiki Master (or Reiki III) is usually only taken by students who are seriously committed to the practice of Reiki as a way of life and personal development.  As with Reiki I and Reiki 2, Reiki III continues to be as much about personal healing and growth as about helping others.

Follow up Support and Mentoring

The aim of the course is to support you in becoming a much more intuitive and effective energy worker and Reiki Practitioner and be confident with all types of clients and situations that arise.

The emphasis is on allowing the energy and tools to guide you and provide you with all the insights you need to help your clients in the most powerful and effective way.

As with Levels 1 and 2, a comprehensive manual is provided and post-course advice and support is available to anybody needing further help and guidance. Case studies are also suggested together with the ongoing record of a Reiki log/ journal.

Next online live Reiki Master Training starts Jan 15 2024

The course takes place over six online live sessions over a 7 week period. – the dates are as follows:

Jan 15 7-8.30pm

Jan 22 7-8.30pm

Jan 29 7-8.30pm

Feb 5 no class – integration week

Feb 12 7-8.30pm

Feb 19 7-8.30pm

Feb 26 7-8.30pm

What about in-person?

If you would like an in-person attunement in addition to this course then get in touch!


Reiki Master online Training Fee: £300

Early bird price: £265 (if booked by Dec 18)

To make a deposit/pay your balance and discuss the training further, contact fay here or via email [email protected]

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healing others with Reiki
Meditation with Reiki

 Fay’s Approach to Reiki

I started my Reiki Journey in 2000 with Tripuri Dunne and finally trained as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2009 with Keri Manning. Since my initial experiences with the energy I have become more influenced by my Shamanic Practitioner Training and training in the Reiki Drum technique. These techniques have deepened my experience of working with Reiki energy and strengthened my connection with my intuition and relationship with my spirit guides. My special inspiration comes from Nature, earth energy and plants in particular so I introduce these elements into my Reiki practise creatively and I love to inspire others to follow their inspiration too!

Booking Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to reject any booking request we receive. In the event you are unable to attend you may substitute another participant to an Event upon notification to Fay Johnstone at no additional charge; this is at Fay’s discretion. Unless otherwise stated the refund policy for events is as follows: Bookings may be transferred to a later date if sufficient notice is given in advance. 4-2 weeks before the event: 50% of the fee refunded. Less than 2 weeks before the event: no refund. All places on Events are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Events are subject to cancellation or rescheduling at our discretion. If the Event is cancelled in its entirety, we will credit any event fees paid to you as soon as possible. If the time, date, venue or content of the Event is changed subsequent to your booking, you will be notified and given the option to cancel your booking. We shall not be liable for any additional loss or damage resulting from such cancellation or changes.