It’s just so easy to put off doing things isn’t it? And even more so when you have left something for so long that it just seems embarrassing to even mention it. Like that phone call to a friend you have been meaning to make and have left is so long that far too much water has gone under the bridge. Or in my case, like the blog post that you keep meaning to post but life seems to get in the way and it gets pushed back and pushed back until…. Ooops.

So this is a post calling out to all of you (myself included) who have something that they keep meaning to get on and get done but just keep putting off. This is a gentle reminder to get you going on that big bag task in hand. Because that’s what’s happened to the simple task while you left it so long, festering at the back of your mind. The simple task has grown into a monster of a thing, the very thought of which we often find is much more daunting than the actual job in hand.

Don’t get me wrong some tasks that lie waiting for us to achieve are a bit of a pain in the neck, like the trip to the doctor, dentist, car garage, fitness class or the bad-news call you need to deliver, but in these cases, just think of the relief when they are done and dusted and part of history.

So let’s crack on, and just get on and do it!