My approach to Reflexology encompasses the whole of my healing tool kit.

If it’s an off the peg, bog standard Reflexology Treatment that you are after, then you’ll be very disappointed!

Reiki, Plant Medicine, Shamanic Healing, you will always get the healing you need.

Having been attuned to Reiki for over 15 years, Reiki will flow through me whenever I am giving a treatment or leading a workshop, it’s just part of my make-up now, part of the deal. So when I start working on a client’s feet giving Reflexology, Reiki plays it’s nurturing and healing role too. I let myself be guided and follow intuitively over the reflexes, always treating systems that are problem areas or that I sense simply require some tender loving care.


Before starting any treatment or workshop, I always create a safe, nurturing and healing space for the work to take place, making sure to remove any stagnant energy. To do this I use many techniques like smudging, lighting candles, using Reiki energy, calling in my guides and angels, visualisation or drumming. I tune in to the space and let myself be guided by my spirit guides for what is needed and right for the space.


Each client is individual so each treatment is unique

I tailor each treatment to the specific health needs and energy of the client. I find working on a client’s feet for a Reflexology treatment like reading a book, the feet have a story to tell and throughout the treatment as I tune in to the energy that is around my client, I listen to what the feet have to tell me. I am often shown images, given words, colours, emotions or perhaps a song or I might pick up on energy blocks or stagnation that needs to be removed. I just receive and hold the space for whatever is meant to happen for the highest good.

A treatment is a special time for my client to step into a nurturing, peaceful space specifically for them to relax, connect to what is true for them and be receptive to healing, receiving guidance or whatever else needs to happen for the highest good.


Surrender to the treatment and take time to relax

I encourage clients to relax into the space, close their eyes, focus on breathing deeply and let go of worrying thoughts and responsibilities which they do not need to bother with during the treatment. It’s as simple as that! It’s not uncommon for clients to become so relaxed that they fall asleep and awaken at the end of the treatment refreshed.


Treatment feedback and next steps singing-bowl

I always like to discuss the treatment afterwards with my clients, to give and receive feedback on the treatment and share any experiences that we have received. It’s always really important for the clients to take their time after a treatment, drink plenty of water and be kind to themselves, especially noting how they feel in their body and taking care to feel properly “grounded” and centred before leaving the treatment room. We may also discuss further steps that are necessary for the client’s optimal health and well being.

Most clients find that a series of treatments, especially for treating health issues like pain relief, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness benefit from a regular treatment every 4-6 weeks to manage their symptoms. When issues are acute it can be highly beneficial for a client to receive Reflexology every 2 weeks at the start. A treatment plan is always discussed at the start with each client and reviewed after each treatment. Each time I will gently remind my client that responsibility for our emotional, physical and spiritual health is key so I may also use coaching methods and meditation techniques to help my client reach their health goals. If it becomes clear that my client’s health needs would be more suited to a different therapy rather than Reflexology I will always recommend a specialist or simply change treatment. I like to work in partnership with my client for the highest good, remaining open to the natural cycles of life and the divine order of things.