Here are a few notes on Plant Allies to help you answer the question what is a plant ally and why do I want one?

When you think of a Plant Ally, think of a friend whose vibration resonates with you. Think along the lines of Spirit Helper, Angel Guide, Ancestral spirit, Power Animal or Spirit Guide. A being that is your partner for healing, growth and transformation, who you can rely on for support for certain issues or challenges.

The great thing about Plants is that they are living allies. So as well as connecting to their spirit for wisdom, guidance, teaching and healing, you can also benefit from their physical presence. So you can physically touch, observe, smell, taste, grow, admire and really explore the plant with all of your senses. This includes creating magical medicines for healing and well being thanks to their physical properties, and countless more inspired botanical creations. I often carry a plant in my pocket for example or make a plant essence.

Plant Allies can be short term or long term depending on what you are needing in the moment.

And remember, Plants are not humans, they don’t follow our rules or way so interacting with them will not always be predictable or provide us with the outcomes that we were expecting. But that is half the fun of the adventure.

The start of the video is a general intro, but from 4.20 onwards you will learn more about Plant Allies and why you might want to seek one out for your personal journey of transformation and healing.

Let me know which plants are calling to you!