When to learn Reiki Level 2 is a question I am often asked. After being attuned to Reiki Level 1, many people get so excited by their new found Reiki powers that they quickly sign up for the next course, some even learn Reiki 1 and 2 over a weekend. Wow. There really is no rush! Reiki Level 1 is enough and for many, there is never any need to take it further.

However, Reiki Level 2 does take you deeper into your Reiki path and helps you become a stronger channel for the energy. You receive another attunement (spiritual empowerment) and learn many sacred symbols and new techniques for applying them. It’s also a pre-requisite in the UK if you wish to professionally set yourself up as a Reiki Practitioner and treat clients as part of a professional practitioner. Go here to learn more about Reiki Level 2.

Reiki is a personal journey, a spiritual path, so when to Learn Reiki Level 2 is a timescale and that is unique to you and a decision that only you can make. I recommend a minimum of 6 months – a year of being attuned to Reiki Level 1 before thinking about learning Reiki learning Reiki Level 2. What’s really important is that you use Reiki regularly as part of your daily life.

Watch the video here for some points to consider about when to learn Reiki Level 2.

Go here to find out when Fay is next teaching Reiki Level 2

When to Learn Reiki Level 2 with Fay Johnstone Reiki Master