Since the release of the book Plants that Speak Souls that Sing the direction of my work has become more focused (and a lot busier)so here’s an update on how to work with me.

Start with the Book

The book is the best place to start and you will find a free chapter to start you off with your awakening to the spirit of plants when you join my mailing list here.

Experience the healing wisdom of Nature Speaks

If you would like to experience healing, wisdom and guidance from nature, then check out the Nature Speaks series of guided meditations/ soul journeys into the heart of nature. Each meditation is a transmission from a specific plant, element or place and you will be guided to connect wit this energy and wisdom. Choose your Nature Speaks journey here.

Become aligned with your soul path with one to one healing

Each month I take a limited number of one to one sessions online for deep healing work and personal transformation to help you make shifts and move into alignment with your true self. Learn more about one to one sessions here.

Awaken to the spirits of plants with plants that speak online

Plants that Speak Online Course: Awakening to the spirit of plants – is launching in October 2018. A 6 part / 10 week journey to open your intuition and explore with your senses the spirit of plants for guidance and healing. Read more here

For help with your plant spirit journey I am also available for Mentoring contact me here