Happy New Year to you all!

I truly believe that 2019 can be the most amazing year of whatever each one of us strives to envision and create. What do you believe is possible for yourself this year?

New Year, More Vision

This time of year, is front loaded with pure potentiality and wonder at what will be. We naturally turn our focus towards the goals that we wish to achieve for the year and attempt to release all the bad habits which keep us where we are.

We are creative beings who have an amazing ability to create our world and manifest experiences.

We each have choices, not exactly about how the story of life unfolds around us, but about how we personally react to situations that life throws at us. The internet is bursting with the teachings of the law of attraction and other strategies to help you manifest the life that you truly desire and deserve. So I’m not going to add to the mix here, what I feel is really important for each and every one of us this year on our spiritual path is to hold a broader vision for the world that we wish to be living in.

Most of our time is spent on the personal wants and desires that we wish to manifest such as  a loving relationship, an amazing career, a beautiful home and so forth. This is all great so absolutely go for it, go for all your goals, get manifesting this life that you perceive that you deserve and will make you happy.

However what I would also like to encourage you to do this year is step up and hold a much broader vision that encompasses not only your amazing life, but your community and the planet!

It’s time to really hold fast the vision of the world that you want to be living in. Envision a kinder world, a more loving world, a fairer world, a less abusive world…whatever you wish!

It’s time for us to dream this wonderful world into being.

We can all do it, we all have a choice to play the same old story or to choose a new response. A response that does not accept abuse of people or resources, a response that is loving and full of compassion for each other and our environment.

What that looks like for me on a daily basis is a mindful awareness of my thoughts and responses and not just whenever I find myself bumping into a challenge or something that upsets me but actually all of the time. As a practitioner on the Shamanic path I believe it is my responsibility to dream a kinder and more compassionate, inclusive world into being, so this is where I let myself day dream.

I envision a world for example in which, we humans, as amazing and resourceful creative beings, are able to come up with innovate solutions to reverse the negative effects of climate change. I envision that we can all create a lifestyle in which we are living more harmoniously with each other and our environment.

Start Dreaming Big!

New Year More Vision Fay JohnstoneSo while you are busy manifesting your new job and double salary for this year, or whatever it is you desire, spend a moment tuning in to the much greater vision that encompasses you and your world.

Think of ways that we can improve how we operate: fairer systems, less intensive agriculture, more environmentally friendly energy solutions, etc.etc, etc. Dream it better! Dream it into being.

It has to start somewhere and I know how powerful our minds and imaginations are.  Let’s get our collective consciousness bursting with new ways of being in this world. By imagining new ways and holding the vision of what that would look like, feel like, sound like, we light a great spark of pure potentiality. This is a huge opening that allows in the potential of a new way. By holding this visionary space, the universe can dive in and start weaving magic.

So start dreaming big, not just for yourself but for our world, for our Earth!

I would love to hear about the world that you envision – let me know in the comments below one thing that you hold the vision for coming into reality.

Blessings for your year and your big vision!

Fay x