Something special happens when you pick up a drum and start to strike out a beat. The ancient rhythm seems to touch your heart and shake the very foundations of your soul. It’s like discovering the rhythm of the universe and coming home.

I first picked up a hand held frame drum as part of my Reiki Drum training in 2009 and those drum beats led me down a rabbit hole from which I don’t think I have ever returned.

I dived into Shamanism, learning 21st century shamanic techniques to help me decipher the patterns of drama, mistrust, loss and illness in my life and recapture, remember the magic and truth of who I truly am and discover the power I have to create the life I want!

Now connecting with my drum, is not the only way that I access the other worlds of the Shaman’s universe but it’s one which truly resonates with the core of my being and the wisdom of my ancestors who generations before me too, picked up the frame drum and sounded a beat.

The drum beat connects us with the vibratory consciousness of the universe, the rhythm that flows through all things. The drum was once associated with the Goddess, belonging to the women who connected with the oracle and the knowing. As such the drum and those who used it carried great power. We’ve seen at many points through history that the drum was banned such as with the Sami people and even also in the US.

To learn more about Shamanism and find out how easy it is to connect with the spirit of the drum watch the video below and

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Note during the video you can experience a drumming journey at 31.50.

If there is a longing in your soul, if the idea of beating a drum, connecting to the rhythmic flow of something deep within your psyche appeals to you then honour that. If you would like to discover the basics of Shamanism and the foundation of how to access the altered state of the Shamanic trance using the beat of the drum, then I invite you to enrol in Shamanism Basics. This new online course leads you step by step through journeying to the audio track of a drum. Of course, if you have your own drum then you can work with that too. It will give you confidence to join a Shamanic drumming circle or even get your own drum to practice and deepen your connection not just with the drum, your soul and ancestors but also the world that the drum connects you – the world of the Shaman’s universe, spirit guides, wisdom keepers, ancestral guidance and love. Everything you need to start your Shamanic path is included.

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The course covers an intro to Shamanism and details specifically the Shaman’s journey with 4 practice journeys to help you discover the Shamanic universe and meet the spirit of the drum. You will also have the opportunity to connect with a guide.

Shamanism Basics aims to help you:

  • discover the Shaman’s universe
  • meet the spirit of the drum
  • connect with your own personal guide
  • learn the technique of Shamanic Journeying with the use of a drum beat to bring back power, wisdom, guidance and healing for your life.
  • understand the basic principles and origins of Shamanism
  • experience 4 practice journeys
  • create safe space for your practice

The course is for anyone who is interested in beginning Shamanic practice at home and will give you confidence to take part in drumming circles where you live. It will help you connect to your drum if you have one but no tools are necessary. Everything you need to start your shamanic path is included.