Meditation does not have to mean sitting still and feeling uncomfortable.

You can also experience the benefits of meditation and mindful awareness while you are slowly walking experiencing walking meditation. For best results go outside and allow all of your senses to open to the beauty and vibrancy of nature.

Walking Meditation in Nature – Getting started

Take a step outside to a place in nature to experience this relaxing walking meditation in nature with Reiki Teacher and Shamanic Herbalist Fay Johnstone.

Choose a place that you know well so that you don’t have to use your mind to make decisions about which path to take or which way to turn.

In fact, walking meditation is often carried out over a very short distance that you simply go backwards and forwards over, repeating your steps slowly and mindfully. The object is not to go anywhere as in a destination, but more to connect inwardly and be fully present in each moment.

When you feel ready you can begin the meditation below and relax and let me guide you, as you are invited to:

  • walk mindfully through the natural landscape
  • connect with your physical senses
  • tune into the language of your heart and soul
  • relax and allow your body to move
  • Find stillness and allow the earth to hold you.

You will be breathing in the elements and experience how they feel as they flow through your body, mind and emotions. This exercises will also help you expand your heart to feel the embrace of nature and deepen your gratitude for magic of the natural world. It’s a beautiful way to slow down to the pace of nature and bring yourself back into alignment.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

If you are interested in connecting more deeply with nature then check out Fay’s book Plants that Speak Souls that Sing to guide you further.