Imagine that deep within the centre of the earth lies the earth heart, pulsating, creating and dreaming into being every wonder that exists on this incredible planet. A vibrant and ancient symphony of green and gold, spinning our world from her dreamtime into our reality.

Dreaming with the Earth Heart – What Role Can You Play?

I’m fascinated by imagining what the dream of the earth and her plants and creatures could be. I wonder how we fit into the dream at the heart of the earth; are we a burden? Do we disappoint? Are we ruining her dream or are we just an amusement? Does the earth feel down, like we do when our dreams don’t seem to be coming to fruition?

We are part of Gaia Consciousness. Through this meditation below I invite you to journey into the heart of the earth and experience the story to be found there and the part that will be revealed to you. In this way perhaps you will be inspired to align your actions towards helping the dream of the earth’s heart come true and expand your consciousness to include that of the Earth.

Following this Earth Heart Meditation note down anything and everything that feels significant you may like to journal on the questions below.

Questions for self-reflection following the Earth Heart Meditation

  • How did it feel to connect with the heart of the Earth?
  • How does that differ from the feeling of connecting with divine light from the heavens?
  • What feels significance about this experience of connecting with the earth heart?
  • If the earth heart / Gaia consciousness had a message for you today, what do you feel that might be?

Action Steps: Keep Dreaming with the Earth Heart

Together let’s start listening to what the earth has to tell us. Let’s discover what story the earth and her plants have to share. Let’s be brave and discover what role we can play in the earth’s big dream. Let’s be conscious of our connection to the earth, her plants and creatures; let’s sense into this whenever we can, making choices and taking actions that feel aligned with this co-creative relationship.

Let’s endeavour each day to honour the dream of the earth. Let’s be sure that we know what our dream is and hold the vision.

Share your experience in the comments below.

(This excerpt is from Fay’s book Plants that Speak Souls that Sing: Tranform your Life with the Spirit of Plants published by Inner Traditions, available from the US and UK and apple books and audible). If you would like a free audio chapter of the book then add your name and email on the form below.