Nature makes us feel so good – not just physically, but also both mentally, emotionally and spiritually, which is why it’s so important to connect with plants and weave their magic into your life – no matter what the season no matter whether you live in the countryside or the heart of the city.

Plants are not only beautiful with such diverse forms, shape and colour, not to mention often highly fragrant. They are also an incredibly versatile and accessible element of a holistic approach to health and well-being. As living allies they provide medicine that is powerful and full of vitality; we can work with plants physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of these ways help us to directly experience the plant, form a relationship, start dancing together and feel our way towards health and wholeness.

You may already use plants in these ways, but if some are new to you, test them out.

Check out the You Tube video and the list below


15 ways to connect with plants and weave their magic into your life

1)Cleansing and creating sacred space with herbs, essential oils, resins and prayer.

2) Herbal medicine: using the physical properties of medicinal plants to heal physical symptoms and ailments, in forms like tinctures, salves, infusions and capsules. herbal medicine mugwort infused oil

3) Plant essences: using the vital force of the plant for healing emotional and spiritual malaise, in forms such as the Bach flower essences.

4) Homeopathy: a complementary health care system, based on the principle of like cures like, in which the majority of remedies are plant-based.

5) Essential oils: extracted oils containing the aromatic qualities of a plant, with many uses ranging from treating physical and emotional health issues to room or product fragrance.

6) Nourishing herbal infusions and teas: part of daily health and self-care. Popular kinds include peppermint and nettle – not to mention your morning brew! (although herbal teas and infusions can be a delicious alternative if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine).

7) Meditation in nature to feel grounded, connected and supported.

8) Ceremony, ritual and prayer – asking for the support of plant spirits or blessing.

9) Plant spirit healing: working with the spirit of the plants to restore balance, well-being and vitality so that we can be more fully who we are and live according to our own true nature.

10) Growing, foraging (and eating) vegetables, fruits and herbs as part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

11) Creating beautiful outdoor spaces with plants for sanctuary, structure and beauty (and indoor ones too!)

12) Purifying the air in office environments with indoor plants like peace lilies and ferns.

13) Giving flowers to yourself and others to life your spirits and bring joy.hands on a tree plant connection

14) Nature’s design; being inspired by the intricate pattern, colour, shape and style of the plant kingdom to influence the design of, for example, our interiors and clothing.

15) Natural materials for textiles like cotton, silk and hemp and everyday products like cardboard and paper.

I know there are more than 15 ways to connect with plants – let me know in the comments which you work with!