With this amazing solstice energy around us I wanted to guide you on a shamanic reiki winter solstice 2020 shamanic journey so that you can receive a healing transmission from this beautiful energy which is moving and shaping and opening our consciousness at the moment.

So get yourself comfortable in a space where you won’t be interrupted and relax while I call in the compassionate beings, spirit guides, ancestors, spirits of the land, beings of light, angelic beings and the plant beings from my garden!  Let’s honour this beautiful healing energy and the star beings, the sun, the moon and the stars which are aligning so beautifully for us this winter solstice.

Feel yourself expand and remember your connection with the sacred web, honoring the earth the wind the water the fire within all of us and the spirit that lives within all of us

Close your eyes for this winter solstice 2020 Shamanic journey and if you are a reiki practitioner like me you might want to start a self reiki treatment at the same time as you are experiencing the journey because in that way you can benefit from their healing in a different way.

Think about your intention for this guided journey it’s my intention to hold the space so that you’ll receive the healing and the transmission that you will need. You will receive the message and the guidance in whatever way is right for you that the energy of this solstice is meant to bring you and shift you into this new era this new phase that we are entering into. Hold your intention in your heart  because that’s going to guide you as I drum through this space and connect with reiki. If you’re a reiki practitioner invite reiki to flow, invite invite the reiki masters into the space invite your power animals your guardian spirits any helpers who you like to work with and know that you are safe know that you will be held and know that you will get exactly what you is needed from this winter solstice 2020 shamanic journey.

Relax and allow the drum beat to carry you as you listen to the youtube video.

After the experience bring some movement into your body, wiggle your hands and your toes and if you’re doing a reiki treatment then close your reiki treatment.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Get your notebook, note down your thoughts your feelings what comes to mind and what feels significant for you. Not just about this journey and this experience but just note down how you’re feeling at this time of year and  what feels like a learning for you. Notice what feels like something that you need to move towards that you need to open and welcome into your life and what feels like something that you know is old behavior that is old news and it isn’t serving you anymore.

Ask for guidance and see what flows and what comes to you.

Be bold, it’s time for us to step into our magic and step towards the light and to hold the light for other people. Be the divinity that you know you are and speak your truth.

Sending you beautiful blessings for the solstice and know that the blessings will continue to flow for this journey and beyond!

Please close down the space where you are, giving thanks to all the beautiful beings who have been here today and the compassionate beings the spirits of the land and the energy of the solstice and every other helper who’s been with you thanks so much thanks very much let me know in the comments how you get on.