Want to take your reiki practice to another level by combining your reiki practice with the use of a handheld drum – the Reiki Drum?

This blog post and video are going to show you how to get started with the Reiki Drum.

The drum is a shamanic tool, a tool which is used in shamanic practice and there are many different ways that we can combine this tool with our beautiful reiki practice.

I have been practicing reiki for over 20 years and I combine my practice with shamanic techniques such as the drum and also plant medicine.

In this video I’m going to share with you seven different ways that you can incorporate the wonderful ancient rhythm, that beautiful innate beat of the drum into your reiki practice.

As soon as you introduce the drum into your client reiki practice you are going to see big shifts, not only for you and your personal development but also for your clients. Think about the drum beat, it creates a sound wave. These sound waves don’t stop at the body, they go all the way through so if there is something that is stuck or stagnant within a client whether it’s energy in a particular area of the body whether it’s a mindset whether it’s a an emotion that’s got stuck and lodged itself the drum will shift it has a brilliant ability to create change. Get ready for some action!

In this get started with Reiki Drum video you’ll hear about

  1. Learning to work with the drum for the practice of shamanic journeying to move into an expanded state of consciousness with the rhythmic beat of the drum.
  2. Helping clients relax in a deeper way and receive another level of healing with your reiki practice. Drum Journey to receive information about a client before they come into the treatment space.
  3. Working with your drum the reiki treatment with your client, combining the drumming while you are channeling reiki. Beat the drum over the client’s body in the same way as you would normally be using your hands to scan and channel reiki, you can use the rhythmic beat of the drum.
  4. Helping clients with addictions or to break negative habits or thoughts with a mental emotional repro programming treatment. Very useful for shifting out of a negative mindset and re-programming the client or shift emotions around certain issues. The drum is a really powerful mover and a shaker. You can work with the drum for positive affirmations to shift clients emotions or mindsets around particular issues.
  5. Drumming for a client to guide them on a shamanic journey. In this way the client would be able to meet a guide maybe meet a power animal or open to specific guidance and wisdom by learning this process of shamanic journeying. This is why you before you ever even go anywhere near a client with your drum you need to know how to connect with your drum you need to know how to connect with your guides you need to know how to access these different worlds and different states of reality and expanded states of consciousness.
  6. Drumming together as a group of reiki practitioners. It’s a completely different sensation and beautiful as you can imagine the power of people together drumming takes the practice to another dimension.
  7. Working with your drum and reiki to send and channel the healing over a distance to people, places and situations that are not physically with you or throughout time and space, past, present and future. You use the drum as an instrument to help you channel different aspects of Reiki energy. You can work with the symbols taught at Reiki level two or simply ask the drum to help you send reiki to wherever you want it to go.

The drum is simply a tool which really helps to amplify and connect your reiki practice to a deeper dimension. Reiki drum and shamanic reiki practices have certainly helped me open up my spiritual path and take my practice into a new and more grounded and expanded way than simply before when I was practicing classic reiki.

I think both Reiki and shamanic practice combine really well because they are both heart-centered practices. Both:

  • Are innate practices
  • Connect us to source.
  • Help us feel connected and grounded
  • Help us to meet our guides.
  • Connect to insight and the truth of who we are.

Bringing the drum into your Reiki practice is a really beautiful innate and powerful tool to help you amplify your reiki practice and the healing that is available to you when you work as a channel. Not only is the drum deeply relaxing but the drum is sound so obviously the sound waves shift as I’ve explained. These sound waves help to amplify the treatment and really make changes with regards to your intention and the intention of the clients that you’re working with.

Download the shamanic reiki treatment flow checklist here for pointers on working with clients.

Watch the video below