What are nature beings? Where can you find them?

Want to know how to meet nature beings in Reiki practice and what they can help you with?

In my Reiki practice of more than 20 years my experience of the world has shifted and opened and I’m sure yours has too.

When I sit in Gassho and invite in the flow of Reiki I now incorporate the support of the natural world as much as I can into my practice. This doesn’t mean that I just reach out to the physical. I invoke the invisible when I open my Reiki practice.

What are nature beings?

Just like you have a guardian angel and spirit guides, Mother earth also has her helpers so in the unseen realms beyond the veil, there are beautiful beings that connect with the spiritual and energetic side of nature and they each of them have a role to play in caretaking the earth. Each of them correspond to a specific element for example air, fire, water or the earth itself.

If you are on this path of discovery and enjoy connecting to the natural world and want to know about plant medicines or would like to be intuitively guided,  start to open to the possibility that there are nature beings out there who also like to receive that beautiful high vibration of your reiki. These nature beings can help support you in your practice by bringing their frequency into your energy field.

How to meet Nature Beings in Reiki Practice

When you are outside in nature start to awaken. Open your awareness to other beings in the landscape with you. Yes, you can physically see the trees and the plants around you and the earth which helps make them very beautiful and inspiring allies for us but when you start to connect with the invisible worlds of the nature beings you can begin to have a deeper connection. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your role here as an earth keeper, as a light workers here on this earth

This video talks you through some of the key pointers to get you started:


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